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6 votes

Add Delphi FMX Multiplattform functionality

Currently leaving SiMain.Log… statements in our library code prevents compiling with FMX projects outside of windows platforms. $IFDEF workarounds in all our code files are no way we can go. This must change for us to extend our subscription and base our future code on SmartInspect. Many thanks in advance.

Started Category: SmartInspect > Languages > Delphi 0 comments
2 votes

Improve Delphi Instrumentation Wizard

Update the instrumentation Panel. Every single Delphi release saw the users unable to use the menu for tracing methods. To Gurock, this feature seemed to be viewed as an Add-On to SmartInspect and not part of the product itself. I can’t name a single user who viewed it that way.

Category: SmartInspect > Languages > Delphi 0 comments
4 votes

Optimise Delphi Log Functions

Si.Enabled=False. Even though the connection is false, calling LogMessage or any other Logxxx method, the message is formatted BEFORE checking whether the session is active. This consumes a massive amount of processing time for the application so all Log.. should check firstly whether the session is active. I have overloaded many Log… methods and added […]

Planned Category: SmartInspect > Languages > Delphi 2 comments
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