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Comprehensive and affordable test automation tools for the entire team.

Whether you are testing a desktop application, a web application or a native app for a mobile device, Ranorex Studio contains everything you need.

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Automate testing for any desktop, web or mobile technology

Whether you are testing a desktop application, a web application or a native app for a mobile device, a single Ranorex Studio license includes the technologies that you need. To read more about Ranorex Studio’s support for a specific technology, click one of the links below.


All-in-one test automation

Accelerate testing for desktop, web, and mobile applications. Ranorex Studio empowers testers with a complete solution for end-to-end testing of desktop, web and mobile applications in a single license. Automate tests on a Windows desktop, and then execute them locally or remotely, on real iOS or Android mobile devices or simulators/emulators. Run tests in parallel for fast results. Accelerate cross-browser testing for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and more with built-in Selenium WebDriver. Get Ranorex Studio to spend less time resolving issues with unstable tests and more time assessing the quality of your application.

Easy for beginners, powerful for experts

Rapidly build and deploy reliable, maintainable automated tests — with or without coding.

Build Tests Visually…

Beginners can easily build sophisticated tests with Ranorex’s codeless automation tools. Use powerful capture-and-replay functionality to record test actions. Add field validations and capture screenshots while recording. Drag-and-drop GUI elements or user code modules from the team’s shared repository into recorded actions. Easily build data-driven tests by adding links to data tables, spreadsheets or databases. Point-and-click to add parameters or conditions to test cases.

… or Build Tests in Code

Ranorex Studio’s integrated development environment is for testers who prefer to build automation modules using standard programming languages. The IDE includes productivity features such as intelligent code completion, tools for debugging and refactoring, automation helpers, and more. Boost team productivity by creating and sharing automation modules as user code collections and methods. Collaborate effectively with support for source control and the Ranorex Magic Merger tool.

Increase quality and shorten release cycles

Designed for different skills, roles, and needs, the Ranorex functional test automation framework lets QA teams function at their best.

Achieve test automation goals

When the whole team is responsible for quality, it is important that everyone can contribute to test automation. As Ranorex supports keyword-driven testing, you can ensure that each person’s skill is put to the best use.

Benefit from day-one productivity

Minimize the learning curve. Easy-to-use tools and a built-in methodology enable testers to create modular automation scripts that are efficient and maintainable, regardless of programming expertise.

Keep maintenance low

Since short release cycles produce software that is continuously evolving, updating automated tests can require considerable effort. The Ranorex object repository enables you to easily manage all your UI elements in one place.

Accelerate the feedback loop

Monitor the impact of software changes on the system by integrating automated testing in your CI/CD environment. Trigger your smoke tests for every code change. Run your full regression suite in parallel or distributed on a Selenium Grid and get results in a fraction of the time.

Free up resources

Build stable, reliable automated tests that provide fast feedback from testing and have a low maintenance cost – freeing you from repetitive, low-level manual tests to perform more challenging verification of your application – so that your team can deliver high-quality applications to end-users.

Foster collaboration

Ranorex Studio is built for collaborative teams, with a shareable object repository, reusable code modules for keyword-driven testing,  support for source control providers Git, SVN, and TFS, and even a “Magic Merger” tool that reduces merge conflicts.

Complete your DevOps toolchain

Ranorex Studio test automation integrates with leading tools for managing the SDLC. 

A small business computer services company increased testing efficiency, shortened test cycles, and gained robust and reliable test automation using Ranorex Studio, TeamCity, and Jira.

Exceptional training and support

Professional support

A Ranorex Studio license includes access to our expert support team as well as software maintenance. Need help deciding if Ranorex Studio is the right solution for your test automation goals? Our knowledgeable sales team will assist you through a “proof of concept” evaluation. Ranorex also offers value-add services to ensure your long-term success.

Flexible training options

Gain valuable test automation skills in the way that best fits your needs. Watch live and on-demand webinars that cover topics from getting started through best practices. Or, connect with one of our training partners to learn more about onsite and online training. A certification program is available for testers to demonstrate their expertise with Ranorex.

Valuable learning resources

The Ranorex Help Center is your one-stop shop for mastering test automation with Ranorex. In addition to our detailed user guide, you will find tips for best practices, release notes, FAQs, “how to” screencasts, the Ranorex user forum and more. The tools you need for success are just a click away!

Get a rocket-fast start to test automation

Tap into our expertise and make your experience with test automation a successful one. Ensure that you’re choosing the right solution for your requirements by completing a thorough evaluation process – and we’ll accompany you every step of the way.

Our goal is for you to have a fully-functional Ranorex solution that is well-integrated with your existing infrastructure at the end of the evaluation period. Our in-house Ranorex experts will provide you with the in-depth knowledge you need to ensure you can achieve your individual test automation goals.

If you’re ready to get started, download a free 30-day trial to experience the power of test automation with Ranorex Studio. Or, join a free evaluation webinar, live or on-demand. Code Partners are ready to help you meet your test automation goals!

Create, maintain, and execute robust test automation projects with Ranorex Studio’s powerful features.

Reliable object identification

Analyze your application with Ranorex Spy, identify elements with RanoreXPath and maintain them in the object repository. It’s no secret: reliable identification of the elements in your application’s user interface is the key to stable automated tests. Ranorex Studio has the strongest object recognition in the industry. Instantly track and analyze UI elements of your desktop, web, or mobile application with the built-in Ranorex Spy tool. Automatically handle all types of objects, including dynamic UI elements. Receive detailed control information on each UI element for use in validation, as well as the element’s unique RanoreXPath – a powerful and flexible object identification syntax.


Broad technology support

Get the broadest support for development technologies in the test automation industry. Ranorex Studio handles everything from desktop applications developed in C#, Java, or Delphi to HTML5 web applications, as well as native iOS and Android apps. See all supported technologies.

Easily maintainable repository

Add identified UI elements to the central object repository. From there, you can use repository items in your recording, action table or code based test module.

Action editor & recorder

Effortlessly create test automation projects without coding. Easily record and replay test automation workflows with the Ranorex Recorder.  Edit recordings to add validations or additional actions. Drag and drop individual test automation steps from the object repository to supplement recordings. Your robust automated tests are just a few clicks away!

Code editor

Create flexible test automation scripts using standard programming languages. Since the Ranorex library is based on the Microsoft .NET framework, you don’t have to learn a proprietary scripting language to automate tests. You can directly utilize the Ranorex API and create robust test automation projects entirely in C# or VB.NET. Extend your code with Ranorex Automation Helpers, a collection of small modules and methods to handle challenges such as popup windows and waiting for events.

Visual Studio integration

Directly access Ranorex core automation APIs from Visual Studio and write robust test automation scripts without leaving your development environment.

Ranorex IDE features

Advanced debugging, refactoring and code completion mechanisms: Ranorex offers everything you need for proper test creation and maintenance in code.

User code library

Create user code methods and add them to a central library. Testers can access the methods from the library and use them in tests without having to dip into code.

Flexible test suite structure

Define and manage a limitless variety of test scenarios in the flexible test suite. Do it all in the test suite: create new test cases by combining existing code or recording modules, define custom run configurations for your tests, handle parameterisation or configure data bindings, and more.

Data-driven testing

Use external data sets from simple data tables, SQL connectors, CSV or Excel files and repeatedly run one single test workflow with different test data to increase test coverage in less time.

Keyword-driven testing

Increase reusability & make tests easily readable for non-technical testers: Separate the test automation process from the test case design, and group test parts into easily understandable steps like login, setup or save.

Web and Mobile test command center

Centrally create, configure and manage web and mobile endpoints and environments. Ranorex separates test suites from the environment they are going to run in. Once you’ve created a test, it can run on different external web or mobile endpoints, to a local Selenium Grid or a cloud provider. The endpoint panel is the central command center to set-up and manage endpoints as well as configure their environments.

Selenium testing

Create web tests using the script-free and code-based Ranorex tools and run them on all Selenium-supported platforms and browsers with our Selenium WebDriver integration.

Scalable web testing

Benefit from parallel testing and distribute your Ranorex web tests across multiple operating systems and browsers using Selenium Grids.

Real mobile device testing

Record and execute automated tests on real mobile devices or emulators, to test your native Android, mobile iOS apps, as well as cross-platform apps.

Ranorex Remote

Simultaneously run remote desktop tests in different environments. Set up Ranorex Agents on remote machines to deploy multiple Ranorex tests for remote execution in different environments, using different system configurations and operating systems. In the meantime, you can continue working on your local machine. You will receive an automatic notification once your tests have been executed and the report is ready.

Report & analysis

Identify defects and debug tests with our fully customizable report.

Easily analyze test runs with an XML-based test run report that provides a comprehensive overview of the entire test execution flow. A test step has failed? Simply look at the screenshot in the report to easily retrace the failure, or view a recording of the test to determine what happened without having to re-run the test. Jump directly into a failed test step from the report. Generate  performance analysis logs for each test to pinpoint which test actions consume the most time and resources and might need to be improved.

Customize the test run report to share and view it on machines without Ranorex Studio, or integrate the JUnit-compatible report into CI systems to enhance transparency and receive instant feedback.

Built for cross-functional teams

Access the Ranorex core API from Visual Studio and enhance collaboration between developers and testers. Test automation is essential to both developers and testers – and so is collaboration in teams. Right out of the box, a Ranorex test automation project consists of multiple layers, each designed for specific skills in cross-functional teams. While developers and technical testers can access the Ranorex core automation framework and script flexible automation elements, testers can create entire test cases without writing a single line of code, or reuse existing core modules. Project owners and managers can then review test results and check the project progress using the comprehensive XML-based test report. This way, regardless of the development methodology used, cross-functional teams can effectively collaborate on test automation projects.

Ranorex Desktop Application Testing

Create robust automated desktop application tests with Ranorex Studio’s flexible and reliable desktop automation tools.

Cross-device testing

Reuse your tests across multiple devices and platforms

Parallel testing

Run tests in parallel on remote machines

Seamless integration

Integrate Ranorex into your existing tool environment

All desktop technologies

Benefit from the strongest desktop technology support

Get the strongest desktop technology support

Test your desktop application without restrictions – whether it’s based on CEF, WPF, Java, VCL or SAP.

Ranorex Studio offers the most comprehensive and reliable technology support for Windows-based applications. Do you want to test hybrid desktop applications that use the Chromium-based frameworks CEFElectron or Qt WebEngine? Does your desktop application rely on 3rd party controls like TelerikDevExpress or Infragistics? Do you want to test ERP systems such as SAP? Is your desktop application based on Java.NET or RAD Studio?

Ranorex Studio will instantly recognize all objects in your application – even dynamic IDs, custom controls, and libraries, and is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Robust object recognition

Ranorex Studio relies on the powerful RanoreXPath syntax, which uses technology-specific attributes and operators, making tests more robust & reliable against layout changes.

State-of-the-art & legacy applications

Ranorex Studio offers comprehensive technology support and enables you to test applications that are based on state-of-the-art as well as legacy technologies.

3rd party control support

Continuously updated and revised support for 3rd party controls and technologies ensures that you can effortlessly locate the elements you want to automate.

Ensure maximum test coverage

Simultaneously run desktop tests remotely in different environments with Ranorex Remote.

Use your time to the fullest by distributing tests to remote machines. Using the Ranorex Remote feature in Ranorex Studio, you can simultaneously test your desktop application in multiple environments – using different system configurations, versions of the application under test, operating systems, and many more. You can continue working on your local machine in the meantime and will receive an automatic notification once a test has been executed and its report is ready. Ranorex Remote is also great for working in teams. Users within a network can access and deploy tests to the same agents, as well as receive all test reports from the remote machines to keep track of the project status and performance.

Deliver the high quality your customers demand

Perform regression testing to ensure updates to the system do not break existing functionality.

It’s a fact that every modification or addition to existing and previously-tested code may introduce defects to the system – also called regressions. By integrating automated testing into your nightly CI builds, or running automated regression tests before every release, you can automatically verify the functionality of existing software with every build. Automating these time-intensive and repetitive tests counteracts constraints in resources, shortens release cycles, and increases efficiency, which ultimately leads to a higher ROI.

Seamless integration in your existing ecosystem

Accelerate productivity and continue using the tools you already work with.

Enable your team to deliver the results your customers expect and get the competitive advantage needed in today’s software market. Integrated automated testing increases visibility and speeds up the development lifecycle – empowering you to deliver high-quality desktop apps faster. You can easily integrate Ranorex Studio in your testing and development environment to continue working with tools you are already familiar.

Ranorex projects with their lightweight executable files and their JUnit compatible reports can be easily integrated with CI systems, popular issue tracking and test management tools such as Team Foundation Server and Jira, version control systems SVN or Git, and many more. You can also tailor functional testing capabilities to fit your individual automation needs, by combining it with other tools, such as the load and performance testing tool NeoLoad or the test management tool TestRail.

Why use Ranorex Studio for automated desktop testing

Application testing tools that fit the needs of your team – regardless of team size, skills or testing approach.

Ranorex Studio’s intuitive and powerful functional testing capabilities enable teams of developers and testers to efficiently and effectively automate testing of any type of Windows desktop application. Script-free and code-based functional test automation tools with complementary features ensure you and your team can meet software test automation goals, whether you are using a traditional or agile testing approach. Using Ranorex Studio, you will also benefit from:

Tools for different skills

Efficiently create, run, and analyze automated tests with Ranorex Studio. Use the intuitive Ranorex Recorder to create application testing projects without writing a single line of code. Alternatively, you can also access the Ranorex core API to create tests entirely in C# or VB.NET, or enhance existing recordings in code.

Real user interaction simulation

Using the capture & replay feature in Ranorex Studio, you can interact with your AUT just like an end user would. Without the need to code, you can effortlessly navigate through the user interface, click elements and fill out entire forms. All recorded steps are immediately ready for testing.

Instant validation

Easily add validation steps as checkpoints to your automation projects to see if specific requirements are fulfilled. Ranorex Studio enables you to check a large number of control attributes and compare images as well as texts.

Data-driven testing

Increase testing efficiency and coverage by making your desktop tests data-driven. Right out of the box, Ranorex Studio supports data connectors such as SQL, CSV, or Excel. You can use these external or internal data sources to loop over your test scenarios.

Comprehensive reporting

Ranorex automation projects result in comprehensive, JUnit-compatible reports. Screenshots provide you with a detailed overview of the test execution flow. Keep team members updated on the project status by automatically sending the report via email.

All-in-one tool

Ranorex Studio greatly reduces the effort to test applications across desktop, web and mobile platforms, against multiple browsers and operating systems. Once you have created a testing workflow, reuse it for different scenarios merely by changing a parameter.

Report & analysis

Identify defects and debug tests with our fully customizable report.

Easily analyze test runs with an XML-based test run report that provides a comprehensive overview of the entire test execution flow. A test step has failed? Simply look at the screenshot in the report to easily retrace the failure, or view a recording of the test to determine what happened without having to re-run the test. Jump directly into a failed test step from the report. Generate  performance analysis logs for each test to pinpoint which test actions consume the most time and resources and might need to be improved.

Customize the test run report to share and view it on machines without Ranorex Studio, or integrate the JUnit-compatible report into CI systems to enhance transparency and receive instant feedback.

Built for cross-functional teams

Access the Ranorex core API from Visual Studio and enhance collaboration between developers and testers. Test automation is essential to both developers and testers – and so is collaboration in teams. Right out of the box, a Ranorex test automation project consists of multiple layers, each designed for specific skills in cross-functional teams. While developers and technical testers can access the Ranorex core automation framework and script flexible automation elements, testers can create entire test cases without writing a single line of code, or reuse existing core modules. Project owners and managers can then review test results and check the project progress using the comprehensive XML-based test report. This way, regardless of the development methodology used, cross-functional teams can effectively collaborate on test automation projects.

Automated Web Testing with Ranorex Studio

Accelerate your web application testing with comprehensive tools for test automation.

All-in-one test automation

Create cross-technology and cross-browser web tests as well as end-to-end tests.

Built-in Selenium WebDriver

Easily create tests with Ranorex Studio and execute them on WebDriver endpoints.

Seamless integration

Integrate automated web tests with your CI/CD server or your entire testing toolchain.

Web technology support

Overcome automation challenges with broad support for web technologies.

Solve your web test automation challenges

Ranorex Studio delivers robust object recognition for any web technology, making your tests resilient and reliable.To make your web tests reliable, you need industry-leading object recognition and identification. Ranorex Studio uniquely identifies UI elements with the powerful and flexible RanoreXPath syntax, which is capable of handling even dynamic elements. Because the RanoreXPath uses technology-specific attributes and operators, your automated web tests are more robust and resilient against layout changes. Using Ranorex Studio, you also benefit from:

Broad support for web technologies

Ranorex Studio recognizes and supports a broad variety of web technologies and frameworks. Test hybrid desktop applications that are based on the open-source Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF), automate HTML5 teststest Java and JavaScript websites, as well as Salesforce, SAP and Flash and Flex applications, and many more.

Dynamic web element identification

Many web applications generate dynamic IDs for web elements. Since these IDs are regenerated every time an element is displayed, they aren’t reliable for automated testing. The Ranorex Spy tool makes it possible to analyze your application and apply predefined rules for stable identification of elements with dynamic IDs.

Handling of timing issues

Handling timing issues can be challenging when testing dynamic web applications. In Ranorex Studio, you can create a search time-out for each repository item, or add actions to wait for an element or page to appear or disappear. You don’t have to manually implement wait-for mechanisms in code, and can simply use the predefined actions.

Accelerate your cross-browser testing

Automate your tests, then execute them across multiple browsers and browser versions for fast feedback from testing.High-quality web applications perform flawlessly on all popular browsers — and multiple versions of those browsers.  But repeating your test cases across different browsers can be tedious and time-consuming. With automated cross-browser testing, it’s possible to ensure a consistent user experience and still deliver fast feedback from testing. Simply automate your test cases, and then let Ranorex Studio execute them against popular browsers such as ChromeFirefoxInternet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

Test across devices and technologies

Perform cross-device and cross-technology tests for your web application with Ranorex Studio. Even simple web applications may have dozens of visual elements, data entry fields and controls to test, with hundreds of test cases needed to attain the desired code coverage. In addition, you need to check the UI for possible visual regressions and verify responsiveness to various screen sizes and resolutions. With Ranorex Studio, you can create automated web tests that are reusable across devices, and create tests that combine a variety of desktop, web and mobile technologies including non-HTLM5 elements such as Java applets and PDF files.

Choose Ranorex Studio for comprehensive test automation tools

Get an all-in-one solution for desktop, mobile, and web app testing, with easy-to-use record-and-replay automation plus a full IDE.  

You can easily automate any type of web application test with Ranorex Studio. Testing doesn’t have to be time-consuming and complicated. Using Ranorex Studio, you can perform efficient and reliable web test automation with minimal effort. If you prefer script-free test automation, you’ll enjoy using the Capture & Replay functionality within the Ranorex Recorder to record and edit web test actions. You’d like to customize test suites and recordings? Write and edit your automated web test using the API for the programming languages C# and VB.NET.

Test your web app on mobile devices

Create mobile web tests from scratch or simply reuse existing web tests to replay them across popular browsers. Since Ranorex Studio utilizes the open-source tool Appium to automate testing of native browsers, you can test your website in mobile browsers such as Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android.

Handle unexpected pop-ups

Built-in modules and user code actions in Ranorex Studio help you to effortlessly handle complex operations, such as dealing with unexpected pop-ups from your web framework, browser dialogs, or JavaScript alert boxes.

Keyword-driven testing

Easily separate the test automation process from the test case design, and group test parts into readily understandable keywords, such as login, setup, and save. These reusable modules are browser-independent, which decreases test maintenance effort and increases efficiency.

Effortless validation

Some essential web elements can make or break the success of your website or web application. Ensure it always works as expected! With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly insert validations in your tests, and define the requirements an element has to fulfill for the test to pass.

Remote testing

Send your web tests to remote machines to run them in multiple environments in parallel with Ranorex Remote. You can continue working on your local machine in the meantime, and will receive an automatic notification once the test has been executed and the report is ready.

Integrate with your CI/CD environment

Get fast, high-quality feedback on the impact of software changes on the application under test by integrating Ranorex test automation projects in your CI system. The resulting JUnit-compatible Ranorex report provides you with detailed information on every test run.

Built-in Selenium WebDriver integration

Address common Selenium pain points with the powerful Ranorex Studio test automation framework.Ranorex Studio directly integrates Selenium WebDriver on a plug-in level and makes WebDriver part of its core API. Developers and testers alike cannot only trigger existing Selenium tests, but also create web tests based on the Selenium WebDriver standard using the many Ranorex Studio tools, as well as address common Selenium WebDriver pain points such as page object mapping, time-out handling and maintaining web elements.

Selenium grid support

Distribute web tests across multiple browsers and operating systems at the same time, using in-house or cloud-based Selenium Grid implementations, such as Sauce Labs.

All platforms & browsers

Leverage Selenium’s unparalleled platform and browser support and run web tests created in Ranorex Studio across all Selenium-supported platforms and browsers, including Linux and macOS.

Object management

Use Ranorex Spy to instantly automate even dynamic UI elements and handle synchronization issues. Easily manage all web UI elements in a central object repository to benefit from built-in page object mapping.

Prefer test automation with Java or TypeScript?

Are you testing only web apps? Do you have programming expertise? Consider Ranorex Webtestit.Ranorex Webtestit is a lightweight IDE optimized for building web application tests with Selenium or Protractor, using standard languages such as Java or TypeScript. Ranorex Webtestit manages the tedious framework setup, automatically applies the Page Object pattern to structure your project, and more. If you need codeless automation tools or support for desktop and mobile technologies, then download the free trial of Ranorex Studio today. Or, compare Ranorex Studio to Ranorex Webtestit to learn which is the best fit for your needs.

Mobile Testing Tools

Use the Ranorex tools to automate mobile and mobile web testing on real Android and iOS devices.

For testers & developers

Code based or script-free test automation

Test on real devices

Test creation and execution on real devices

End-to-end testing

End-to-end application testing

Integrate into your system

Easily integrated in existing CI environments

Tackle mobile testing challenges

Efficiently identify defects in your mobile app with Ranorex.

User experience and flawless functionality are what matters most if your app is to have a chance for success in today’s crowded mobile app market. But mobile app testing is challenging, and there are many aspects to keep in mind: Does your mobile web app work across different browsers? How does your app render on different devices, with different screen sizes and resolutions? Even the smallest functionality issue can trigger negative online reviews and get your app deleted by the user. The Ranorex automated mobile testing tools equip you to effectively and efficiently ensure the highest quality of your mobile applications.

Keep your app store ratings up

Ensure the highest quality of your mobile app with these Ranorex Studio capabilities.

Simulate real user interaction

Ensure users can navigate through the UI of your app, using the various gestures allowed by popular mobile devices on the market. Ranorex enables you to combine mobile app objects like buttons and text fields with action items like “touch” or “validate” for real user simulation. Even “swipe” and “change orientation” gestures are no problem.

Handle device fragmentation

Test if the UI of your app is rendered properly, no matter if it is accessed from an Android or iOS mobile device, or tablet.  As Ranorex does not rely on a coordinate level, but uses the powerful RanoreXPath to uniquely identify even dynamic user interface elements, your test scripts are robust against UI changes and can be reused across screen sizes and resolutions.

Check device-specific parameters

To guarantee a flawless user experience with your apps, include device-specific information in your automated mobile application tests to check how applications interact with real mobile devices. Mock the GPS location with Ranorex, or access information, such as battery, memory or CPU state, as well as text messages and calls stored on a device.

Test on physical devices and emulators

Don’t make testing mobile apps on real devices or emulators an either-or question! Test your native, web or hybrid mobile app on emulators as well as real Android and iOS devices with Ranorex. While emulators or simulators are great for debugging, physical devices provide a realistic environment, enabling testing of gestures, speed and ease-of-use!

Effortless set-up and easy-to-use automation

With Ranorex, you’re just a few steps away from your comprehensive mobile test automation workflow

1. No need for device modification

Unlike many other testing tools, mobile testing with Ranorex does not require you to jailbreak, unlock or root your mobile device. You can instantly start setting up, recording and executing mobile tests.

2. Set up your device for mobile testing

Easily set up your mobile device for automated testing with the instrumentation wizard in Ranorex Studio. You can instrument and deploy your iOS or Android app using a Wi-Fi or USB connection.

3. Effortless test creation

Easily create script-free mobile tests using the intuitive Ranorex Spy to track UI elements in your application. If you prefer coding, you can create flexible test automation scripts, or edit existing test automation projects entirely in C# or VB.NET.

4. Create automated end-to-end tests

Use the Ranorex test automation framework to switch from mobile to desktop and web-based automation during the recording process. This allows you to create end-to-end test scenarios combining a variety of technologies.

5. Quickly update tests and get fast feedback

Users expect frequent updates of their iOS and Android mobile apps. Now it just takes a few clicks to update your mobile UI tests, while the comprehensive XML-based report allows you to analyse test runs and identify defects early.

Why use Ranorex Studio for mobile app testing

Effortlessly automate testing of native, web and hybrid mobile apps.

 Automating your mobile app tests has never been easier. The Ranorex automation framework enables development and quality assurance teams to share testing efforts, and ensure the highest quality of their mobile apps.  Due to the broad technology support and intuitive test automation tools, teams can effortlessly test their native, web, or hybrid app on real Android and iOS mobile devices as well as emulators. Using Ranorex, you will also benefit from:

CI and source control integration

Ranorex directly integrates leading development tools, including issue tracking tools Jira and TFS, and source control systems like Git and SVN. Well-designed automated tests are faster, provide continuous feedback on software quality, and increase risk-coverage.

Instant validation and verification

The Ranorex test automation framework, with its award-winning object recognition mechanism, makes it easy to add validation and verification steps to your mobile application testing workflow. The object recognition method allows you to check a large number of control attributes.

Mobile data-driven testing

Increase testing efficiency, and make your mobile tests data-driven with the use of data connectors, such as SQL, CSV, or Excel. In combination with variables used within repositories, recording and code modules, test data can be easily connected to your existing testing workflows.

One test – any mobile device

The powerful Ranorex recognition capabilities of mobile app UI elements enable you to run tests on any mobile device with any resolution and using any language. You can reuse your automated testing workflows on both tablets and smartphones, maximizing risk coverage.

Native and cross-browser testing

Ranorex utilizes the open-source tool Appium to automate testing in native browsers on real devices, so you can test websites in Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. You can also reuse existing web tests, and replay them across popular browsers and O/S.

Parallel mobile testing

There is a broad variety of mobile devices available, ranging from tables, to mobile phones and wearables. Ensure your mobile application works across all devices, and execute your mobile tests in parallel on different iOS and Android devices.

Supported Technologies

From legacy applications to the latest web technology – Ranorex Studio has the solutions you need.

Technologies Type Related
.NET Desktop
.NET Windows Forms Desktop
ActiveX Desktop
Adobe Air Desktop
C++ Desktop
ComponentOne Desktop
Delphi Desktop
Dev Express Desktop
Graphics Device Interface (GDI) Desktop
GTK Desktop
Janus Desktop
Java Desktop
Java AWT Desktop
Java Swing Desktop
Java SWT Desktop
JavaFX Desktop
MFC Desktop
Microsoft Access Desktop
Microsoft Dynamics AX Desktop
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Desktop
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Desktop
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Desktop
Microsoft Excel Desktop
Microsoft Office GUI Desktop
Microsoft Powerpoint Desktop
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Desktop
Microsoft Word Desktop
Oracle Forms Desktop
Pascal Desktop
Power Builder Desktop
Qt Desktop
QtQuick Desktop
SAP Gui Desktop
SkinSoft Desktop
Syncufsion Desktop
Telerik Desktop
TMS Desktop
VB.Net Desktop
VB6 Desktop
VCL Desktop
Visual Basic 6 Desktop
Visual FoxPro Desktop
Win32 Desktop
Windows Forms Desktop
WinForms Desktop
WPF Desktop
WPF (XAML) Desktop
XAML Desktop
CEF Desktop, Web
CEFsharp Desktop, Web
Electron Desktop, Web
Infragistics Desktop, Web
JxBrowser Desktop, Web
NW.Js Desktop, Web
Python Desktop, Web
Qt WebEngine Desktop, Web
SAP Desktop, Web
C# Desktop, Web, Mobile
Component One Desktop, Web, Mobile
Image based Automation Desktop, Web, Mobile
Accrisoft Freedom Web
ActionScript, MXML Web
Adobe Business Catalyst Web
Agavi Web PHP
AIDA/Web Web Smalltalk
Alchemy CMS Web Ruby on Rails
Alfresco Community Edition Web Java
Altitude3.Net Web ASP.NET
Ametys CMS Web Java
Ample SDK Web Javascript
AngularJS Web Javascript
AnyChart Web Javascript
Apache Click Web Java
Apache Lenya Web Java
Apache OFBiz Web Java
Apache Roller Web Java
Apache Shale Web Java
Apache Sling Web Java
Apache Struts 2 Web Java
Apache Tapestry Web Java
Apache Wicket Web Java
AppFuse Web Java
Application Express Web PL/SQL
ASP.NET Core Web
ASP.NET Dynamic Data Web ASP.NET
ATutor Web PHP
Aurelia Web Javascript
b2evolution Web PHP
Backbone.js Web Javascript
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Brutos Framework Web Java
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Cascade Framework Web Javascript
Catalyst Web Perl
Caveman2 Web Common Lisp
censhare Web
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CFWheels Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
Chaplin.js Web Javascript
CherryPy Web Python
Clickability (Limelight Networks) Web
CLiki2 Web Common Lisp
CMS Made Simple Web PHP
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CodeIgniter Web PHP
Coderity Web PHP
ColdBox Platform Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) Web
ColdSpring Web ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
Comfortable Mexican Sofa Web Ruby on Rails
Composr CMS Web PHP
concrete5 Web PHP
Confluence Web Java, Java EE
ConnectedText Web C++
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Content SORT Web
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Contentverse Web Java
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CppCMS Web C++
Crafter CMS Web Java
Crafter CMS Cloud Web
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DevExtreme of DevExpress Web Javascript
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Evoq based on DNN/DotNetNuke Web
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Platforms Type Related
Windows 10 1507 “RTM” Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 10 1511 “November Update” Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 10 1607 “Anniversary Update” Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 10 1703 “Creators Update” Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 7 Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 8 Desktop Windows, Desktop
Windows 8.1 Desktop Windows, Desktop
Android 4.4 “KitKat” Mobile Mobile, Android
Android 5.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
Android 6.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
Android 7.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
Android 8.0 Mobile Mobile, Android, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 10.0.1 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 10.1.1 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 10.2 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 10.3 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 11 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
iOS 12 Mobile Mobile, iOS, WebDriver, Selenium
Windows Server 2008 Server Windows Server, Desktop
Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Windows Server, Desktop
Windows Server 2012 Server Windows Server, Desktop
Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Windows Server, Desktop
Windows Server 2016 Server Windows Server, Desktop
Android Wear Smart Devices, IOT Mobile, Android, Smart Devices, iOT
Linux Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Lion 10.7 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 Web WebDriver, Selenium
macOS High Sierra 10.13 Web WebDriver, Selenium
macOS Sierra 10.12 Web WebDriver, Selenium
Browsers Supported via
Ranorex RxBrowser for Android Native
Ranorex RxBrowser for iOS Native
Google Chrome Plugin, WebDriver
Internet Explorer Plugin, WebDriver
Mozilla Firefox Plugin, WebDriver
Google Chrome (Android) WebDriver
Microsoft Edge Plugin, WebDriver
Safari WebDriver
Safari on iOS WebDriver

Ranorex Integration & Tool Support

Continue using the tools you already work with and integrate Ranorex in your existing tool landscape.

Encourage continuous testing.
Ensure continuous quality.

Integrate Ranorex in your continuous integration process and get fast, high-quality feedback on the impact of software changes.

Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps environments demand continuous testing and fast feedback of testing results. Implementing automated regression testing in your CI server is critical to provide the increased visibility that development teams need to ensure quality releases. Once automated tests are implemented in your CI system, regression tests can run automatically against checked-in changes to the system – giving you a safety net against the introduction of new defects or the re-introduction of old ones.

Increase visibility

Integrated automated testing increases visibility and allows teams to detect software defects faster, and assess the impact of software changes on business goals.

Release high quality software faster

The accelerated feedback loop ultimately leads to more stable builds and enables your team to release reliable, high-quality software faster.

Issue & Defect Management

JIRAAzure DevOps/Team Foundation Server, Bugzilla

Test Management

Azure DevOps/Team Foundation ServerJIRATestRail, TestShell, TestBench, SpiraTeam, aquaHP Quality CenterQualicen

Build and Release Management

Azure DevOps/Team Foundation ServerJenkins, Hudson, BambooTeam City

Test Data Management

SQL, Microsoft Excel, CSV

Test Infrastructure & Environment

Selenium Grid, Browser Stack, Sauce Labs, Agile Designer, ConnectAll, NeoLoad

Version Control

GitSubversionTeam Foundation Server

Directly integrate Ranorex into multiple source control systems

Enhance collaboration and keep team members updated on the status of test automation projects.

Ranorex directly integrates with the version control systems TFS, Git and SVN. Teams can manage entire test automation projects without leaving Ranorex Studio, from defining the test environment to checking in changes to a version control system. The benefits? Ensure that developers and testers can access the latest version of a test automation project at all times, instantly review changes due to a visible history, and recover from software defects more quickly. Are you using another version control system? Don’t worry! Since the entire Ranorex project structure is file-based, you can easily integrate Ranorex in any other version control system.

Integrate Ranorex into your development environment

Access the Ranorex core API from Visual Studio and enhance collaboration between developers and testers.

Test automation is essential to both developers and testers – and so is collaboration in teams. Ranorex Studio offers all of the prerequisites needed to ensure developers and testers can seamlessly work together on test automation projects. Because Ranorex is based on the Microsoft .NET framework, it integrates perfectly with Visual Studio. Developers can access Ranorex Studio from within their Visual Studio IDE without leaving the development environment familiar to them, and extend test automation scripts directly in code using C# and VB.NET.

A Selenium integration unlike any other

Address common Selenium pain points with the powerful Ranorex automation framework.

Access today’s standard for web test automation: Selenium. With the powerful integration of Selenium WebDriver in Ranorex Studio, you benefit from built-in object mapping, automatic timeout handling, smart identification of dynamic web elements and effortless web testing across all major platforms and browsers. Ranorex is taking web test automation to the next level – for developers and testers.

Which Edition do I need?

Premium Licenses : Ranorex Studio premium licenses are required to create, edit and maintain automated test cases.

Runtime Floating Licenses : Add-on to a premium license to execute tests on additional endpoints. Requires at least one premium license for test creation.

Premium Node Locked

Best for an individual user working on multiple projects on a single physical machine

Create, edit & maintain tests

Execute Tests

Desktop, web & mobile included

Single-user license

Bound to one physical machine

Maintenance and email support

Premium Floating

Best for teams working together on test automation projects

Create, edit & maintain tests

Execute Tests

Desktop, web & mobile included

Concurrent-user license

Bound to one physical machine

Maintenance and email support

Premium Floating with Enterprise Support

Best for teams starting with Enterprise projects to help ensure successful deployment

Create, edit & maintain tests

Execute Tests

Desktop, web & mobile included

Concurrent-user license

Physical and virtual machines

Maintenance and Enterprise support*

Runtime Floating

Add-on to a premium license to execute tests on additional endpoint

No ability to create\edit tests

Execute Tests

Desktop, web & mobile included

One license per user/endpoint

Physical and virtual machines

Maintenance and email support

* Enterprise Support includes: Priority Email & Direct Phone Line for Support, Unlimited Remote Sessions with screen sharing, Project Review with Sr. Engineering Experts, Best Practice Recommendations, Product Upgrade Support, 24-hour SLA

Frequently Asked Questions

A premium license allows you to create tests for desktop, web, and mobile applications on a single workstation and execute tests on a single endpoint. A runtime license allows you to execute tests on additional concurrent endpoints, using a tool such as our Ranorex Remote Agent, Ranorex Parallel Runner, or Selenium WebDriver integration. With a runtime license, you can also execute tests on a workstation or server where Ranorex Studio is not installed, by running the test suite as a .exe file from the command line.

The Selenium WebDriver integration in Ranorex Studio enables you to create tests in Ranorex Studio and run them on WebDriver endpoints. You will need at least one Ranorex premium license to create a test in Ranorex Studio and run it on a single concurrent WebDriver endpoint. You will need one Ranorex Runtime License per additional concurrent endpoint.

Yes. You can simultaneously execute multiple automated tests in different environments on Ranorex Agents using Ranorex Remote. This feature enables you to deploy tests to Ranorex Agents for remote test execution. You need a Ranorex Runtime License to set up a Ranorex Agent and use Ranorex Remote.

When purchasing a new license, you’ll automatically have access to 12 months of software maintenance and professional support. If you’ve purchased a Renewal, your renewed access to maintenance and support will commence on the date your previous access expires.

You can find the expiration date of your maintenance and support services on the start page of Ranorex Studio.

If you don’t extend your maintenance and support period within the given time, your access will expire. You will not have access to software updates or technical support. If you’re interested in maintenance and support services, please contact us to receive an individual offer.

Contact our sales team to discuss the options available to you.

No. A renewal is for existing Ranorex customers only. 12 months of software maintenance and email support are included with the purchase of a new license. Maintenance and support services must be renewed annually. A renewal will give you access to another 12 months of software maintenance and professional support. For any questions about Ranorex or to request a customized quote, please contact us.

The software functionality is the same for both regular and enterprise licenses. Ranorex Enterprise License customers benefit from advanced support services that get them the most value out of their licenses. The enterprise support services include access to the exclusive Ranorex Service Line, priority handling of support requests, remote sessions, a guaranteed initial response time of 24 hours or less (on business days), as well as a Ranorex Project Review provided by Ranorex in-house experts.

Refer to the Ranorex certification page for detailed information about Ranorex Studio certification, including the process, cost, and benefits.

Ranorex Studio Resources

Ranorex Studio User Guide

The first chapters of the online user guide walk you through the process of creating your first automated test case. Learn how to automate a test without coding, validate entries, view a test report, and more. Later chapters cover advanced topics such as cross-browser testing with Selenium WebDriver and preparing devices for mobile app testing.

Live and On-Demand Webinars

Ranorex Studio Webinars cover a variety of topics and are available both live and on-demand. Visit our Webinars page for a full list of available webinars.

Software Testing Resources

Expand your Software Testing knowledge with whitepapers, screencasts, wiki pages and case studies.

Ranorex User Forums

Interact with other Ranorex Studio users to share experiences, ask and answer questions and solve your problems.

Ranorex Blog

Regular articles on Ranorex Studio and related topics, directly from the Ranorex team.

Ranorex Studio Support

Contact the Ranorex Studio support team by email.

Trusted by over 4000 companies worldwide. Read the case studies

If you have any questions about Ranorex Studio,  Contact Us to discuss further.