Build robust business applications using modern UI controls for ASP.NET

Ext.NET is an advanced ASP.NET Core component framework that incorporates the powerful cross-browser Sencha Ext JS library. Achieve enterprise-grade performance and productivity with 140+ prebuilt and professionally tested UI components.

Why Ext.NET

Create Powerful Web Apps with Cutting Edge Web Technology

Ext.NET delivers scalable business apps that exceed performance requirements

Robust Client-Server Integration

Powered by cutting-edge web technologies — Ext JS and ASP.NET with a robust solution you can trust.

140+ UI Components

Comprehensive and feature-rich UI building blocks to create apps of varied complexity.

Exceptional Support

Dedicated Ext.NET support team to address your pressing issues. We are here to help if you have any questions, just get in touch.

Strong Community

Community support via forums and StackOverflow.

Combining the Leading Client and Server-Side Web Technologies

Combining the leading client and server-side web technologies, including Ext JS and ASP.NET, Ext.NET brings a rock-solid component framework for web application development. Focus on creating your critical business logic while Ext.NET handles the web components for your applications. Its unparalleled cross-browser compatibility and advanced MVC architecture empower devs to create structured and scalable enterprise-grade applications.

A brief glimpse of our extensive set of 140+ UI components:

UX Components

Color picker
And many more!

Data Visualization & Media/Animations

Broad range of charts
D3 visualization

Editing & Display Views

Tabs & menus
Data view

Data Analytics and Management

Data grid

Layouts, Themes, & Navigation

Flexible layout manager to organize data display across devices and screen sizes. Out-of-the box or customized themes to reflect your brand identity

Data Components

Load data over Ajay, JSON-P, or deeply nested data in a single request

Create Great Looking Interfaces

Customize applications to fit with your brand design requirements. Ext.NET utilizes beautiful theming options that come out of the box with the Ext JS framework.

Arm your developers with design tools to seamlessly create great looking interfaces. Simply choose a theme and start building engaging designs that fit with any aesthetic.

Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Compatibility

Bank on the flexible Ext JS layout manager and responsive config system to help organize the display of data across multiple browsers, devices, and screen sizes.

Ext.NET provides unparalleled cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. Deliver functional and elegant experiences regardless of the target browser or computing device. Develop once and rest assured that your apps will work smoothly across all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and Opera.

Create Apps that Work Well with Assistive Technology

Ext.NET components provide built-in accessibility to achieve Section 508 Compliance. Use the ARIA package to create apps that work well with assistive technology such as screen readers, voice browsers, and others.

If you want to discuss Ext.NET further and how it can help your company Contact Us.

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