Huh? A whole Webinar for an Update Pack?

In case you missed Embarcadero’s Update 2 Webinar the other day, the replay is now available (see below).

You may think an update is not worthy of a webinar, but Embarcadero are continuing their move to include more than just bug fixes in update packs, and Update 2 includes some significant new features, such as:

  • Windows Desktop Bridge integration. What this means is you can publish your Windows apps direct to the Windows App Store from within the IDE.
  • New Windows 10 VCL Controls
  • “Quick Edits”, Form Designer Productivity Feature
  • New C++ Refactoring and Compiler Flags
  • Additional Windows 10 Styles for both VCL and FireMonkey

There are of course bug fixes as well. Check it out below, and as a bonus, it’s very nice to hear Nick Hodges back on the Embarcadero “airwaves”.

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