TestRail Enterprise: Enhanced API performance.

TestRail Enterprise meets the needs of larger organizations with enterprise-level features and support. Like TestRail Professional, it is available for installation on your own local server or choose our cloud-based/SaaS solution.

SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO) support

TestRail Enterprise allows administrators to integrate TestRail with their preferred SSO identity provider (IDP) such as Okta or OneLogin, using the SAML 2.0 protocol. SSO streamlines the management of users: instead of separate credentials for each application, simply create the credentials once in the IDP and then provide access to whichever applications are required.

Once configured, TestRail SSO will automatically authenticate new users that have been authorized to use TestRail in the IDP. This means that testers can log in once, and get on with their work. And administrators no longer need to concern themselves with the day to day management of users in TestRail. For more information, refer to the TestRail Administration Guide.

Easily track and follow the status of individual tests, milestones and projects with dashboards and activity reports. Get real-time insights into your testing progress and boost productivity with personalized to-do lists, filters and email notifications. For more efficient test management, get started today!​

SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO) support

Project-level administration

TestRail Enterprise gives you an additional level of user privileges to make administration easier and more secure—no matter how many projects you test with TestRail. With project-level administration, you can delegate projects and user management settings to a subset of users without giving them full administrative access to TestRail. This allows organizations with more stringent access control policies or a large number of projects to simplify and speed up administration without sacrificing security.

Customizable email notifications

With TestRail Enterprise, you have full control over the content of any automatic system notification email from your TestRail instance like invites to new users, password reset emails, and more. Whether you want to change the subject line, edit the contents of the email, or deactivate the email completely, TestRail Enterprise gives you the ability to customize your TestRail email notifications according to the needs of your specific organization.

Project-level administration and email customization are TestRail Enterprise features. TestRail customers will not be able to use this functionality unless they have upgraded their server instance with a TestRail Enterprise license, or their cloud instance with a TestRail Enterprise subscription.​​

Enhanced API performance

TestRail Enterprise customers benefit from optimized architecture that supports throughput of up to 300 requests per minute. This enables faster test framework integration and improved synchronization of tests and results.

Enhanced API performance is a TestRail Enterprise feature. TestRail customers who are not on the Enterprise plan will experience standard API performance unless they have upgraded their server instance with an Enterprise license, or their cloud instance with an Enterprise subscription.​​

Audit log

Improve security with an audit log of changes to your TestRail instance. Auditing ensures that Enterprise customers have a complete record of all changes made to entities within their TestRail instances. From projects to test cases, administrators can monitor and trace every change either from within TestRail or externally in their preferred monitoring solution. Easily view and filter logs, specify logging levels, and set retention policies. More information can be found in the TestRail documentation.

Auditing is a TestRail Enterprise feature. TestRail customers will not be able to use auditing functionality unless they have upgraded their server instance with an Enterprise license, or their cloud instance with an Enterprise subscription.

Configurable backup time & on-demand restoration

Enterprise customers using our cloud/SaaS solution can review and configure backup times or launch a full restore at the push of a button. Use the administration console to specify at which time (approximately) your daily backup should be taken, so as to minimize the potential for disruption to your team while the backup process is taking place.

Administrators can specify the Preferred Backup Time window, see when the last backup was completed, and in an emergency – restore the last backup taken, overwriting any subsequent changes. Instructions for configuring backup times and initiating a restore can be found in the TestRail documentation.

Configurable Backup Time and On-Demand Restoration is a TestRail Enterprise feature available for cloud instances. TestRail customers will not be able to use configurable backup and restore functionality unless they have upgraded their cloud instance with an Enterprise subscription.​​

Enterprise Expert

TestRail Enterprise customers can request a free one-on-one OR group training session with a senior TestRail Support Engineer. You can request this by reaching out to the enterprise e-mail you received when signing up. During the session, you’ll get a complete tour of TestRail, going over the items and features that can significantly boost your team’s productivity. You will also be able to discuss all the key issues you are facing with your test management software.

By taking part in this session as a test management leader, you’ll gain valuable insights that you can share with your team, which they can apply to boost their productivity and efficiency. ​

Priority Support

Our enterprise-level service option includes unlimited technical support. Submit your request to the enterprise support email box and get your questions answered quickly with guaranteed email response within one business day, (Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM CST). Enterprise-level service includes remote sessions and screen sharing with senior support engineers for escalated issues.


TestRail Enterprise includes full access to your TestRail account, all software updates, and enterprise-level features and support. Annual plans are available for both Cloud and Server.

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