Getting Started With SmartInspect Logging

Debug your application, monitor production systems and resolve issues faster: getting started with SmartInspect takes just a few minutes.

SmartInspect is an advanced and innovative logging and debugging tool. It comes with three native high-performance logging libraries for .NET, Java and Delphi and includes a powerful viewer application for analyzing your logging data. SmartInspect supports various logging protocols such as log files, named pipes and TCP/IP and also ships with a flexible log server.

Using SmartInspect

Adding SmartInspect to your application takes only a few minutes. After including one of the SmartInspect libraries, you can configure and enable SmartInspect with just two lines of code. After that, you can start logging any kind of data you want to include in the resulting log.

The SmartInspect Console

The SmartInspect Console is the viewer application that lets you analyze, view and filter your logs. It assists you in your daily development tasks with useful navigation features, powerful filter and search capabilities and specialized viewers to analyze your application.

  1. The most important part of the Console is the View concept. A View displays the entries of your log. You can have multiple Views to show different parts of your log and each View can have its own set of filters and bookmarks.

  2. The Watches Graph toolbox allows you to track variable values and resources like database connections and active threads. By analyzing the resource usage of your applications, it is possible to optimize performance and identify bottlenecks.

  3. Different toolboxes give you access to important information about your log entries. There are toolboxes to show you the call stack of a log entry, trace variable values and to show the details of a selected log entry.

  4. The Process Flow toolbox gives you an overview over the threads and processes in your current log and allows you to easily create new filtered views with the log entries of just one thread or process.

  5. The Viewer toolbox gives you access to the attached data of a log entry. There are many different specialized Viewers to display any kind of data. The Console has an image viewer, text viewer, list viewer, object inspector, binary viewer and more.

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