Advanced High-Performance Logging and Tracing for .NET, Java and Delphi

  • Identify and fix software bugs faster

  • Monitor and analyze applications in real-time

  • Find solutions to user-reported issues

  • Debug production systems while they run

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Latest SmartInspect News:

SmartInspect 3.5 Update for Delphi 12

SmartInspect 3.5.1 is available for download now. Just a quick update while we’re still working on other things. SmartInspect has had Delphi 12 Beta support for a little while, but with the Delphi 12 release today, we updated to use the release version to build the IDE Integration. Also a small fix to the installer

SmartInspect 3.5

SmartInspect 3.5 is available for download now. As well as a bunch of smaller fixes and tweaks, there are a few additional features we’ve had multiple requests for that we wanted to get out before the much larger release coming soon (more about that at the bottom). Strongly Named NuGet Packages Last month we released

SmartInspect 3.4.1 Released

We’ve just released a minor update to SmartInspect.This mostly addresses some issues in the Configuration Builder tool, so unless you are using that, no issue skipping this one. BUG: Fix layout issues when running Builder in scaled environment BUG: Fix issues in Builder when protocols other than File or Text Enhancement: Add TPointF and TRectF

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