RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney


RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney is not available to United States (US).

Build Stunning Apps 5X faster for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux

RAD Studio is the fastest way to develop cross-platform Native Apps with flexible Cloud services and broad IoT connectivity. It provides powerful VCL controls for Windows 10 and enables FMX development for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.


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Design Beautiful Desktop and Mobile App UIs with RAD Studio

Are you ready to design the best UIs of your life? The award winning VCL framework for Windows and FireMonkey (FMX) visual framework for cross-platform UIs provide you with the foundation for intuitive, beautiful user interfaces that wow on every platform: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

  • Quickly design a visually stunning responsive master UI layout, then easily customize platform- and device-specific views without duplication of design effort.
  • Rapidly drag-and-drop visual and non-visual components from the palette using our visual designer.
  • Visually connect user interface elements to data sources using the LiveBindings Designer.
  • Real-time design validation using Live On-Device Preview to broadcast the active form to multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Build fully responsive designs with resolution-aware components for desktop, tablets, and smartphones
  • Real, platform-specific native controls for an improved user experience.

Code Faster and Smarter with RAD Studio

Smart developers and Agile software teams write better code faster using modern OOP practices and RAD Studio’s robust frameworks and feature-rich IDE.

  • Spend less time waiting for lengthy compiles with our highly optimized compilers for every platform
  • Utilize the powerful, high-performance, and easy to learn Object Pascal language and customize the IDE to meet your coding style
  • Code Insight™ delivers fast code-completion via a modern Language Server Protocol based on your code and used libraries to help you code quickly and accurately.
  • Get hints and tips from inline documentation as you write code
  • Keep your development agile with the VCL designer, Agile refactoring and Live Templates
  • Integrate with version control systems including Git, Subversion and Mercurial

Debug Faster with RAD Studio’s Integrated Native Debugging

Get to the bottom of bugs faster with integrated cross-platform native debugging. Using the RAD Studio IDE, you can debug applications running remotely on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux!

  • Add conditional breakpoints to quickly pause program execution at a specified location or when a particular condition occurs.
  • Quickly explore the entire call stack so you can trace backward to discover the route the executing code took to reach the current location.
  • Easily inspect the current value of variables while your program has paused during debugging.
  • Code Insight™ code-completion is available while debugging to help you write code in the moment.
  • Debug on any device! Deploy your app to any Windows, iOS, Android, macOS or Linux device and debug as though it was running locally. Use breakpoints, stack exploration, tool tips and expression evaluation on local and remote machines with live debugging across all deployment platforms.

Compile and Deploy High-Performance Native Apps with RAD Studio

Reach your users by creating apps for their preferred device. Create both desktop and mobile apps from one codebase with RAD Studio and deploy to Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux!

  • Ad Hoc to App Store. Rapidly produce application bundles that can be deployed to Windows Store (using Desktop bridge), Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Quickly define files to deploy with your app by platform and build configuration. Developers can identify within each project the files to deploy based on target platform (e.g. Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux) and build configurations (e.g. Debug or Release)
  • Easily deploy files directly to Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux from the RAD Studio IDE. Quickly deploy files to remote machines using Platform Assistant Server (PA Server). PA Server combines the files defined for deployment and packages them into a single application instance.

Easily Improve the Quality of Your Code with RAD Studio

Faster development cycles don’t have to result in sacrificing quality! RAD Studio includes many features to help enforce coding best practices, reduce duplication efforts, and help you become a coding rock star!

  • Fast Error Insight automatically mark errors in your code and helps you solve them.
  • Built-in refactoring allows you to streamline, simplify, and improve both performance and readability of your application code.
  • Quickly build better code by leveraging well-tested and highly optimized cross-platform libraries.
  • Turn your code documentation into immediate in-line help available to you or other developers in your team.
  • Build unit tests for all of your code using the included DUnit and DUnitX frameworks.
  • See what is going on inside your application without interrupting the application flow by adding live logging to any application with CodeSite Logging

Collaborate Better with RAD Studio

RAD Studio’s collaboration and version control features will help you create better products faster, both as a lone developer or as part of a team. Code Collaboration drives deeper code understanding, better testing and better products.

  • Quickly track and manage changes using version control systems including Subversion, Git and Mercurial repositories.
  • Easily navigate changes and history using the history tab in the code viewer with the built-in difference viewer
  • Use RAD Studio command line compilers that are ideal for integrating into continuous build configurations quickly using our support for MSBuild projects.

Extend the RAD Studio IDE

RAD Studio includes hundreds of components for everything from creating user interfaces to database connectivity, making it fast and easy to build connected business applications for desktop and mobile platforms. In addition to the included VCL and FireMonkey components, a broad range of tools and components are available from the Delphi and C++Builder community.

  • Easily connect to over 70+ Enterprise cloud services and APIs like Amazon DynamoDB, Google Sheets, Azure Cosmos DB, Salesforce, Slack, Jira, Microsoft Office 365, SurveyMonkey, YouTube, WordPress, Gmail, and many more with the Enterprise Connectors.
  • GetIt Package Manager. Rapidly improve the functionality of your applications by downloading and integrating new components, demos, styles, libraries, and layouts.
  • Build for the Internet of Things with easy to use components.
  • Extend the IDE with Tools and Components from Embarcadero Technology Partners.
  • Integrated Tools and Components. Beyond Compare, FastReport, TeeChart, InterBase, IP*Works, CodeSight!
  • Extend the IDE with addons and plugins made by dozens of third parties, to customize the IDE to work your way

Build Connected Applications

Build end-to-end solution for modern Windows 10, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux applications.

Single Code Base

Create apps for all platforms with less coding effort. Write a single code base with a responsive UI and compile everywhere.

Accessible Data

Connect to over 20 databases natively with FireDAC’s high speed direct access. Including InterBase, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQL Anywhere, Advantage DB, Firebird, Access, Informix, MongoDB and more.

Responsive UIs

Create a single responsive platform aware UI once and deploy cross platform.

Windows 10 Apps

Modernize aging apps to support Windows 10 with up-to-date responsive controls and Windows Store support

macOS and Linux Apps

Develop macOS and Linux applications quickly and easily with Delphi.

Android and iOS Apps

Deliver Android and iOS applications faster and smarter with platform-aware user interface controls. Rapidly protoype with the multi-device designer and live preview in the IDE

Internet of Things (IoT)

Easily connect your apps to gadgets, devices, sensors, enterprise data, and cloud services.

Cloud Aware

RAD Studio has an HTTP and a REST client library, available on all platforms, to invoke REST services and even specific AWS and Azure components


Create a plugin that adds new tool windows, draws in the code editor, provides code completion, adds new syntax highlighting, hooks into high-level and low-level events, tracks processes and threads while debugging, and more.

What’s New In RAD Studio 10.4

RAD Studio 10.4 delivers significantly enhanced high-performance native Windows support, increased productivity with blazing fast code completion, faster code with managed records and enhanced parallel tasks on modern multi-core CPUs, over 1000 quality and performance enhancements, and much much more.

We are pleased to announce that RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney is now available. This release adds significant new and enhanced Windows capabilities throughout the product in addition to major productivity and performance enhancements across supported platforms. Delphi 10.4, C++Builder 10.4 and RAD Studio 10.4 are available to download by any active Update Subscription customer.

RAD Studio 10.4 Overview

  • Significant Windows Enhancements. Deliver visually stunning apps with crisp high DPI UI elements on 4k monitors with new flexible styling support for visual controls. Integrate secure modern web technologies through Microsoft’s new WebView2 based on Chromium. Build modern enhanced title bars similar to Office, Explorer, Google Chrome, and others. Significant stability improvements with a new debugger for C++ Windows 64-bit.
  • Increased Productivity. Increase productivity through blazing fast code completion in the IDE. Better compatibility with existing code and simpler coding through unified memory management. Rapidly bind data with Visual LiveBindings’ enhanced architecture and improved performance. Get easy access to popular C++ libraries like ZeroMQ, SDL2, SOCI, libSIMDpp, and Nematode. Expanded Amazon AWS cloud support.
  • Performance & Quality Enhancements. Over 1,000 quality and performance improvements. Achieve better code efficiency through new custom managed records. Run code faster with enhanced parallel tasks on modern multi-core CPUs. Experience better screen rendering performance on macOS and iOS with Metal API support. Better compatibility with existing code and simpler coding through unified memory management.

Visually Stunning UI Elements Through VCL Styling & High DPI

  • Windows VCL Style Changes for High DPI. The VCL Styles architecture has been significantly extended to support High DPI and 4K monitors. VCL controls are now automatically scaled for the proper resolution of the host monitor. The style API for Windows has also been fully revised to support high DPI styles. Each UI element can be scaled to any DPI, resulting in crisp UI elements on all monitors.
  • New High DPI Windows Styles. A large number of our built-in and premium VCL styles for Windows now support the new High-DPI style mode giving you visually stunning app on any monitor.
  • Windows VCL Per Control Styling. New enhanced flexibility allows VCL developers to now use multiple VCL styles on different controls and in different forms within a single Windows application. They can also be combined with third-party unstyled controls within a styled VCL app.

New Native Windows VCL Components And Upgraded Windows APIs

  • New VCL Component: Edge Browser Control. TEdgeBrowser gives you access to Microsoft’s new Edge WebView2 based on Chromium. This offers a much more modern secure HTML engine. The classic TWebBrowser component now dynamically uses the existing Internet Explorer or new Edge browsers as needed.
  • New VCL Component: TTitleBarPanel and Custom Title Bars. The new TTitleBarPanel control and TForm.CustomTitleBar property allow you to customize a VCL form’s native Windows title bar with standard VCL controls. Quickly build modern enhanced title bars, similar to Office, Explorer, Google Chrome, or other applications.
  • New VCL Component: Image Component with Multi-Resolution Support. A new TVirtualImage component supports multiple resolutions and DPI scaling, allowing you to use high-quality image scaling and display for crisp clear images.
  • Windows API Updates: We enhanced many API declarations and added additional ones improving the great platform integration.

Enhanced Cross-Platform Support

  • Metal Driver GPU Support for macOS and iOS: FireMonkey Metal API support offers a smooth migration to future requirements and better native performance for screen rendering. The Delphi macOS platform offers Metal API support while Metal API on iOS is available in both Delphi and C++Builder.
  • Storyboard Launch Screen. Integrated support for Apple’s new launch screen storyboard requirement.
  • Built-In FMXLinux. Enterprise and Architect Edition customers will enjoy the full integration of FMXLinux within the IDE for building Linux GUI applications using GTK+.
  • Upgraded Native Controls. The TWebBrowser control for iOS is now implemented using the WKWebView API. The macOS implementation of Media Player control now used AVFoundation. New FMX implementation for the styled TMemo component on the Windows platform, offering better support for IME and additional enhancements.

Faster Code Through RTL Enhancements

  • Enhanced Parallel Programming Library Support: Numerous performance and stability enhancements have been made to our The Parallel Programming Library (PPL) library. It gives your applications the ability to have tasks running in parallel in modern multi-core CPUs.
  • FireDAC Database Access Enhanced. Plus updated drivers for FireBird, PostgreSQL and SQLite. The SQLite embedded database support can now be statically or dynamically linked.
  • Expanded Cloud Support. Our HTTP and REST Client libraries are upgraded with additional HTTPS features and also support for Amazon AWS services has been expanded.
  • LiveBindings Performance Enhanced. Many enhancements including performance have been made to the Visual LiveBindings architecture and implementation for both VCL and FireMonkey applications. Some of the LiveBindings operations are an order of magnitude faster.

What’s New In Delphi

Improved code completion for Object Pascal, new custom managed records, unified memory management, RTL speed improvements, toolchain performance and quality improvements, and more.

  • Major Delphi Code Insight Improvements. Upgraded code tooling provides Code Insight using a Delphi implementation of the Language Server Protocol (LSP). LSP provides FAST code completion, navigation or similar in a separate process. This means that the IDE will never block while completing and Code Insight will provide accurate results. The new Code Insight provides a much enhanced developer productivity experience when working with large projects with millions of lines of code.
  • New Language Feature for Delphi: Custom Managed Records. A key language addition to the Delphi language, the Delphi record type now supports custom initialization, finalization, and copy operations. Customize how records get created, copied, and destroyed, by writing the code to be executed at the various steps. This adds additional power to records in Delphi, a construct used to achieve better efficiency compared to classes.
  • Unified Memory Management. Delphi memory management is now unified across all supported platforms – mobile, desktop and server – using the classic implementation of object memory management. This offers better compatibility with existing code and simpler coding for components, libraries and end user applications.

What’s New In C++Builder

Expanded C++ libraries support, a new debugger for Windows 64-bit, toolchain performance and quality improvements, and more.

  • Expanded C++ libraries support. New optimized support for popular C++ libraries including ZeroMQ, SDL2, SOCI, libSIMDpp, and Nematode, as well as others already supported such as Boost and Eigen, available for download through the GetIt Package Manager.
  • Win 64-Debugging and Linker for C++. A new debugger for Windows 64-bit for C++ is available. This LLDB based debugger offers significant stability improvements, a more feature rich debugging experience, and much more powerful inspection and evaluation at debug-time.
  • Toolchain performance and quality improvements. A large number of STL improvements from Dinkumware is included. Several key RTL methods and areas have been improved. Several improvements to CMake support. And a large number of quality and stability improvements
  • Unified Memory Management. For C++, this change means that the creation and deletion of Delphi-style classes in C++ follows normal memory management just like any heap-allocated C++ class, significantly reducing complexity.

Increased Productivity Through IDE Enhancements

  • GetIt Package Manager Enhancements. The GetIt Package Manager in the IDE includes significant enhancements. It displays release dates for each package with the ability to sort them by release date; new filtering options for installed packages, exclusive content available for update subscription customers, packages for which updates are available; and more.
  • Unified Installer for Online & Offline installations. A new unified installer is available using our GetIt installer technology. It provides a single installer that supports both online and offline installations (via an ISO).
  • Faster Coding. The code editor has several productivity improvements, including new settings such as file codepage and font size on the editor status bar.
  • Upgraded Interface. The IDE and key dialogs use the new TCustomTitleBar control to implement search and settings on the title bar, enabling native look and feel and Windows DWM behaviour.

Product Editions

RAD Studio is available in three editions – Professional, Enterprise and Architect.

Choose the RAD Studio edition that’s right for you:


Suited for individual developers and small teams building desktop and mobile apps


Suited for development teams building client/server or multi-tier apps, REST services, and similar


Suited for enterprise teams building database, cloud, or web-enabled apps

Support for both C++ and Delphi development in single IDE

Build native Windows Applications with High-Performance UI Framework and Components (VCL)

Build Mobile First, Cross-Platform Apps with Native Experience UI Framework (FMX) and Components (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows) 1 2

Run-Time Library Source Code

Full Commercial Use License

Connect to local databases and build data-aware applications with support for multiple data sources with FireDAC

InterBase Embedded Database

IBLite Mobile Deployment

IBToGo Mobile Deployment

IBToGo Mobile Deployment

Build connected apps with support for remote and enterprise data sources with FireDAC

Build Linux client / server applications (includes FMX GUI for Linux) 1

Build your REST web services on Linux or Windows with RAD Server 1

Development tools and Single Server Site Deployment

Development tools and Deployment to Multiple Server Sites

Connect with the cloud using Enterprise Connectors (CData)

Additional Database Development and Management Tools

Ext JS Web Development Framework (Pro)

1 Linux support currently not available for C++ applications

2 C++Builder support for Android is limited to 32-bit app targets only. Google Play Store targeting requires 64-bit support and is not currently supported.

More About the RAD Studio Product Editions

RAD Studio™ is the fastest way to develop cross-platform Native Apps with flexible Cloud services and broad IoT connectivity. It provides powerful VCL controls for Windows 10 and enables FMX development for Windows, Mac and Mobile. RAD Studio supports Delphi or C++ with a wide array of services for Enterprise Strong Development™.

RAD Studio Architect

RAD Studio™ Architect is a powerful edition targeted towards development teams who are building services-based enterprise applications, web-enabled apps, or database apps.

Architect includes additional tool licenses: a RAD Server multi-site deployment license, a Sencha ExtJS Professional license, embeddable database with InterBase ToGo, and advanced data modeling and design with Aqua Data Studio.

RAD Studio Enterprise

RAD Studio™ Enterprise Edition is our most popular edition for building client/server applications for mobile and desktop platforms! Choose Enterprise Edition to create services-based applications and when you need remote database connectivity capabilities.

Enterprise includes all Professional Edition capabilities plus a RAD Server single-site deployment license (US$5000 value), DataSnap multi-tier application technology, FireDAC data access libraries, and support for creating Linux applications in Delphi.

RAD Studio Professional

RAD Studio™ Professional is the fastest way to build and update visually engaging applications for Windows, macOS, Mobile, IoT and more using Object Pascal and C++. Quickly and easily update VCL and FMX applications to Windows 10 with the new Windows 10 VCL Controls, Styles, and Universal Windows Platform services components.

RAD Studio Professional includes InterBase Developer edition and IBLite for local and embedded database capabilities. Choose RAD Studio Professional and start programming multi-device apps today.

RAD Studio Resources

RAD Studio DocWiki

The full documentation for RAD Studio is available and updated online as a wiki

Embarcadero’s YouTube Channel

There are hundreds of videos available on EMbarcadero’s YouTube channel, from short, focused How-To’s to full length on-demand webinars

Embarcadero Community

Interact with other Embarcadero users to share experiences, ask and answer questions and solve your problems.

Delphi Magazine

Delphi Magazine collects together hundreds of Embarcadero, Technology Partner, MVP and Community blogs, giving you one place to stay on top of what’s going on in the Delphi world.

Download the full Feature Matrix (PDF) for a more detailed comparison between editions, or Contact Us to discuss further.

Do I have to register my license?

Yes. When you first run the product, a small application will open and ask you to register the product. Once that is done, and your product key is validated, then your product will be registered and installed. Note it is possible to register your product without internet access. On the registration dialog you will have the option to choose alternative means of registration.

What is the difference between Starter, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions?

There’s a short answer and a long answer to this question.

The high level differences are that Professional editions of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio do not include FireDAC support for remote databases (ie. databases running on a separate machine).

Starter is basically the same as Professional, but there is a licensing restriction on the amount of revenue you can generate before needing to upgrade.

Enterprise gives you full FireDAC database access.

Architect takes Enterprise and adds in additional Database productivity tools.

For more details on the differences between the editions, you should have a look at Embarcadero’s Product Editions page for Delphi, C++Builder or RAD Studio, or alternatively download the very detailed Feature Matrix available here.

How can I do mobile development in Delphi or C++Builder?

Mobile development features for Android and iOS are available in all version of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio, with the exception of the Starter Edition.

When developing for iOS, you will also need a Mac computer for development and running in the simulator. You will need an Apple Developer account to test and deploy to iOS devices. Additional details are available in the online and product documentation.

Where can I get the latest updates?

Updates and additional software for Delphi users are available on the registered users download page at http://cc.embarcadero.com/reg/delphi. Notifications for those upgrades are delivered via email and the upgrades can be downloaded via the Maintenance Portal web site by following the instructions in the email.

What is Update Subscription?

The first year of Update Subscription is included in the price of your purchase of Delphi, C++Builder, RAD Studio and other related products (like the Mobile and FireDAC add-on packs, etc). The Update Subscription agreement gives you a year of upgrades (including major and minor upgrades) and a specified number of support incidents. At the end of that year, you can choose to renew for another year for a much reduced price. See the Update Subscription page for more detail.