Delphi and C++Builder, but maybe not as you know them.

We're all busy, and our industry changes quickly. So it's understandable if you haven't noticed all the changes that have happened to Delphi and C++Builder over recent years.

If you're on an older version of Delphi or C++Builder, you could seriously be missing out on an opportunity.

So here are a few of the big changes you might have missed:

iPhone, iPad and Android Support

Use your existing Delphi and C++Builder skills to reach whole new markets for your software. iOS and Android are now the dominant computing platforms for both business and consumer, and Delphi and C++Builder make targeting these platforms a natural next step for your business.

The Best Windows 10 Support in the Industry

The rise of mobile doesn’t make Windows irrelevant. It is still a critical platform for business applications, with Windows 10 rapidly becoming the most widely deployed version of Windows in years.

Delphi and C++Builder’s deep support for Windows 10 means you can quickly upgrade your applications for Windows 10, and then easily take advantage of new Win10 features, while continuing to support older versions of Windows as well.

Don't forget MacOS and Linux

Rounding out the platform support, RAD Studio also allows you to target MacOS and Linux, meaning there is no major computing platform that you can’t reach.

Get to the Cloud as well!

Apart from Mobile, probably the biggest change in the computing landscape over recent years has been Cloud deployment. Delphi and C++Builder don’t miss out here either.


Using the Enterprise Connectors included in Enterprise and Architect, you can connect to 80+cloud applications like Salesforce, Office 365, Google Suite, Quickbooks, Xero and many others, using SQL and the database controls you already know.

And of course, you can easily connect your  applications to any API-driven applications not covered by Enterprise Connectors using the REST Client components.


Native support for Amazon Web Services and Azure API’s mean your applications can be communicating directly with these most dominant cloud platforms quickly and easily.


Away from the client, use RAD Server to migrate your existing Delphi and C++Builder code to run in the Cloud behind a standard REST API, opening up your application to clients in almost any programming language or platform available.


IoT : The Internet of Things

At the smaller end of the scale, the rise of IoT (Internet of Things) has generated a lot of attention. Delphi and C++Builder have unrivalled support for connecting to BlueTooth and BlueTooth LE devices, allowing your applications to become first class citizens in the IoT world.

Fast, easy access to your data, wherever it is.

While broad platform support is very important, the bread and butter of most Delphi and C++Builder applications over the years is fast, easy and broad database support.

 FireDAC is not only the highest performance data access library ever shipped with RAD Studio, it also has the widest and most up to date support for SQL and NoSQL databases.

If there’s data in a database that you need to connect to, there’s a very good chance FireDAC will get you there faster.

Access all the power of your modern CPU

Gone are the days where we could rely on a faster CPU to boost our application performance year after year. With the rise of multicore processors, we now have to work harder for performance boosts.


The Parallel Programming Library gives Delphi and C++Builder developers an easier way to take advantage of all the power of modern CPUs while avoiding many of the traps of old-style multithreaded development.

The most productive RAD Studio IDE...ever.

Regardless of your platform, database or language, making it faster and easier for developers to write good quality code is always a positive. Delphi and C++Builder have over recent versions had a raft of productivity features added.

Automated refactorings make it easy to safely improve the structure of the code. An intelligent code editor predicts many of the common code constructs as you type allowing you to focus more on code intent and less on structure.

Deep IDE integration for version control makes it very easy to manage code changes whether as a solo developer or in a team, while integrated unit testing helps you constantly move forward without wasting time fighting reintroduced bugs.

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