What’s New in SmartInspect 4 : Full FMX Client Support

We’re getting ready to launch the Beta version of SmartInspect 4 so we wanted to give a little sneak peak of what we have coming.

This is the second of a number of posts coming between now and release, this one focused on FMX support. The first is here covering UI changes. Of course, as a beta, everything we talk about is prone to change before release.

For our Delphi customers, we’re very happy to be rolling out full, multi-platform FMX client support in SmartInspect 4.

What do we mean by “full”? Well, I guess you can take it a couple of ways:

Full Platform Support

If Delphi supports a platform in FMX, then so does SmartInspect 4. To be specific, at the moment that means:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux

Full Client Support

Full also means the features available within the client:

  • For each platform we’ve added File, Text, Memory, TCP and Cloud (more on that one in a future post) protocol support.
  • You can log simple types, Objects, Memory statistics, System Information, Screenshots, Images, Datasets, etc, just like you can in VCL.
  • Just like on other platforms, you can log to memory while your app is running, then in the case of a crash, choose to write it out to File, TCP or any of the other Protocols.

Basically, if you can do it today in our VCL client, you can probably do it from iOS, macos, Linux or Android.

We have more to come though. Watch out for the next few posts to see what else is planned. As we mentioned last post, once released, the SmartInspect 4 Beta will be available to anyone who has an active Subscription, just like any other new release.

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