“Upgrading, but I need Raize Components”

With the Upgrade Amnesty underway, we’ve received this question a few times in the last week. After copying and pasting my answer a few times, I thought it would be easier if I wrote it up here.

So, you’ve upgraded but need to have access to Raize Components to support your existing projects?

No problem, they are freely available for registered users from GetIt, right from within the IDE.

Now, before you rush off to grab them, let me add that you possibly won’t find them. Bringing up GetIt inside the IDE (Tools | GetIt Package Manager) and searching for Raize will come up empty.

They have been renamed to the Konopka Signature Controls. Search on that and you should find them. Click install and follow the prompts and you should be good to go.

While you’re there, check out the other offerings in GetIt. There are a bunch of component collections, but also utilities like Beyond Compare, CodeSite Express, and AQTime Standard. Well worth a look through.

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