Automated Testing with Ranorex : Actions

The other day I posted about how I’m increasingly becoming a fan of the automated testing tool, Ranorex Studio. I listed a bunch of reasons and mentioned I would dive into more details about some of them. So today, I’d like to start that, by looking at Actions.

Ansible 2.8 Released

Ansible 2.8 has been released. While not as many major features as 2.7, there are an absolute truckload of smaller features, including quite a few focussed on Windows. Some highlights for me: Experimental support for Ansible Collections and content namespacing – Ansible content can now be packaged in a collection and addressed via namespaces. This …

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Website automation with Selenium and JMeter: part 2

This is the final post, part 2 of a series: Part 1: Website automation with Selenium and JMeter Part 2: Selenium scripting, Installation In this post I show how to script Selenium for handling asynchronous browser behaviour, and how to install the tools.

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