Continuous Delivery fundamentally changes the Economics of Software Development

By taking a manual, error-prone and infrequent process and making it something that is automated, reliable and safe, Continuous Delivery makes it economically feasible to deploy frequently, even multiple times per day.

Once the pain and effort is removed from deployment, there’s no effective cost to deploying in small batches, even a single change.

This reduction in batch size in turn drives higher quality, enables more innovation and experimentation, and much faster time-to-market.


In our experience CD is the single best bang-for-your-buck improvement you can make to your software delivery process.


As a result, we’ve put together the solutions below to help you make the most of your Continuous Delivery efforts.

If you’re not testing your software, your customers are. Are you sure that’s what you want?

Most of us understand the value of testing. We want to catch those bugs and glitches before our customers do.

But with today’s complex software. attempting to do this manually is very expensive.

That’s where automation comes in.

Why pay Testers to manually go over the same issues again and again? Enable them to automate their tests, then run them automatically after EVERY change.

This means:

  • Your developers get faster feedback about problems,

  • Your testers are free to do more valuable things for your business.

  • Your customers are happier because they are not treated like a de-facto test department.


The technical and business benefits of DevOps have been widely discussed. It holds the promise to dramatically improve the quality, productivity and innovation of your software.

But where do you start? There are so many technologies, processes and buzzwords that it can be daunting even knowing what they mean, let alone implementing them.


Meanwhile, your teams are meant to be delivering software. Who has time to sort through all this?


That’s why, over many DevOps engagements, we’ve developed service packages to allow you to get started on your DevOps journey, without distracting your teams.  


Explore them below, or Contact Us to have a chat.

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