Continuous Delivery fundamentally changes the Economics of Software Development

By taking a manual, error-prone and infrequent process and making it something that is automated, reliable and safe,  Continuous Delivery makes it economically feasible to deploy frequently, even multiple times per day.

Once the pain and effort is removed from deployment, you can deploy in small batches, even a single change.

This reduction in batch size in turn drives higher quality, enables more innovation and experimentation, and much faster time-to-market.

In our experience CD is the single biggest improvement you can make to your software delivery process.

Code Partners are the Continuous Delivery specialists, having helped dozens of teams improve their Software Delivery processes, and as a result:

  • shorten their delivery time,

  • improve their software quality,

  • spend more time innovating, and

  • deliver on their commitments to the business.

Over many engagements we’ve developed a selection of offerings to help you get the benefits of Continuous Delivery without losing focus on what matters: