SmartInspect Update

I wanted to give everyone an update on where we are with the relaunch of SmartInspect.

Despite a bit of a false start, I’m happy to say that we have successfully updated all of the core packages and tools with RAD Studio 10.4.1. This required a number of fixes and updates to third party components, some of which haven’t been updated in quite awhile, and also a fair number of updates for Unicode.

We’ve also done the work to replace the Gurock licensing system which was not included in the acquisition.

We’re just now chasing down a few final Unicode display issues and then we’ll be going out to a few beta testers to confirm we haven’t missed anything. I can’t commit to a date but I’m hopeful we’ll have this wrapped up and released in the next couple of weeks.


In parallel, we’ve begun the work to update the .NET client library, including out of the box support for .NET Core and .NET 5. This is long overdue for an update. I really want the .NET support to be first class, not to feel like a port of the Delphi support, so I’ve tasked the most experienced .NET developer I know with doing this work. Once he’s at an appropriate point with it, we’ll run a beta for this as well to get your feedback.

Feature Requests and Roadmap

Many of you have sent in feature requests and bug reports, for which we’re really grateful. To keep this going and make it easier to manage, we’ve set up a Feature Request section on our website where you can look through all the suggestions, vote on the ones you want to see, and also add new ones if your idea isn’t there. You can also see which ones we’re already working on, which we’ve accepted but haven’t started, etc on the Roadmap page.

Note I’m still working through all the requests that have already been sent in, so if you sent me an idea and it’s not there, that just means I haven’t put it in yet. Give it a few days and I should have caught up.

Note, this is for Feature Requests. Bug reports are better logged by sending an email to


We’ve also finalised the new pricing structure. A lot of thought went into this to make this both fair to people with existing subscriptions but also accessible to many more people. With that in mind, I’ve explained it all in a separate post here.

Thanks to everyone for the many emails of encouragement and support you’ve sent in. And a big thank you for your patience.



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