SmartInspect 3.5

SmartInspect 3.5 is available for download now.

As well as a bunch of smaller fixes and tweaks, there are a few additional features we’ve had multiple requests for that we wanted to get out before the much larger release coming soon (more about that at the bottom).

Strongly Named NuGet Packages

Last month we released new, signed versions of our various NuGet packages. This release will take that one step further and add Strong Naming as well. For those of you who don’t need Strong Naming it should make no difference, but this will remove a major blocker for those .net customers who do.

ConnectionStringBuilder for Java, .NET and Delphi

One of the strengths of SmartInspect has long been the ability to log using one or more different logging protocols (pipes, tcp, file, etc) with the details of these protocols configured by connection strings. You’ve been able to build external configuration files using the Connection Builder utility, but configuring them in source code has usually required reference to the documentation or a good memory.

In this release we address this by introducing a fluent-style ConnectionStringBuilder type into our Java, .net and Delphi clients, that guides you through building syntactically correct connection strings, in code, including all optional parameters and the ability to build a multi-protocol connection string.

Updated RAD Studio IDE Integration

The Delphi IDE integration has been updated with:

  • the ability to update the uses clause with the correct multilevel unit names (eg. SmartInspect.VCL, SmartInspect.FMX, etc) for VCL, FMX and Core projects, as well as the traditional, single level unit names.
  • the option to add a single TrackMethod call at the beginning of a method, rather than an EnterMethod\LeaveMethod pair.

These choices are persisted between invocations, and work whether you are instrumenting a single method, a whole unit or all units in the project.

Coming Up

SmartInspect 3.5 will likely be the last release prior to the much larger release on which we’ve been working, which covers a significant amount of work in the Console, adding full HiDPI support, Light and Dark themes and New Release notifications amongst other things. It also should include the beta of our SmartInspect Cloud features, which has taken a lot of focus in the last 12 months. More about all of these as we get closer.

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