SmartInspect 3.5 Update for Delphi 12

SmartInspect 3.5.1 is available for download now.

Just a quick update while we’re still working on other things. SmartInspect has had Delphi 12 Beta support for a little while, but with the Delphi 12 release today, we updated to use the release version to build the IDE Integration.

Also a small fix to the installer so that after you uninstall, if you then install again, it now correctly detects your IDEs again.

If neither of these affect you, you may as well hold off for the next one.

Coming Up

As we mentioned with 3.5, this time SmartInspect 3.5.1 will likely be the last release prior to the much larger release on which we’ve been working, which covers a significant amount of work in the Console, adding full HiDPI support, Light and Dark themes and New Release notifications amongst other things. It also should include the beta of our SmartInspect Cloud features, which has taken a lot of focus in the last 12 months. More about all of these as we get closer.

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