SmartInspect 3.4 Released

A new version of SmartInspect, v3.4, has been released. Some of the enhancements we’ve added in this release include:

  • .net 5 support (also published on nuget)
  • FireMonkey Windows support (yes, FireMonkey cross platform is coming)
  • Console support for PNG images
  • RAD Studio 11 support (and 10.4, 10.3, 10.2, etc, etc)
  • improved Windows scaling support
  • lots and lots of fixed bugs.

The Trial version is updated and available now.

Delphi Namespace Changes

If you are a Delphi user, please be aware that adding the FireMonkey support has necessitated some namespace changes. We’ve written up the details, along with some easy solutions for existing projects here.


Back when we announced the acquisition, we said anybody with a current active subscription would not be out of pocket. That we would effectively pause those subscriptions and restart them on the day we released. Well, that day is today.

Further, because many of you have gone so long without an updated release, we’ve decided to reward that loyalty by giving all existing users a bonus 1 year subscription.

So we’ve calculated the subscription expiry date in the license file by adding:

  • 1 year bonus
  • the amount of subscription you had active at the time we took over.

During that subscription, you can download any new versions we release. After that expiry date, the product will continue working, and if you have received value from SmartInspect, you can optionally renew for another year of subscription.

The license emails are going out as we speak. If you are an existing user and haven’t received an email in the next few hours, check your spam folder and worst case, let us know. After installation, when you run the Console for the first time it will prompt you for the license file.

Thanks again for you support of SmartInspect. Now we’re off to work on 3.5.

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