RAD Studio 10.3 Sneak Peek Webinar in APAC-friendly timezones

Code Partners in conjunction with Embarcadero are happy to announce that next week’s RAD Studio 10.3 Sneak Peek webinar will be repeated in a timeslot a little more friendly to our customers.

There is now a third option to choose from when you register, Wednesday 5pm CST, which translates to:

  • Thursday 10am in Sydney/Melbourne
  • Thursday 9am in Brisbane
  • Thursday 12pm in Auckland (bring your lunch)

For those of you in Perth or South East Asia, you might be happier with the Wednesday 10pm CST slot, which translates to an evening session:

  • Wednesday 10pm in Singapore/Perth
  • Wednesday 9pm in Jakarta

Whichever one works best for you, it should be a good show. 10.3 is shaping up to be a popular release. We’ve been tracking the publicly available information about 10.3 here but this webinar will be your first chance to see everything that’s planned, direct from Marco Cantu, Jim McKeeth, David Millington and Sarina DuPont.

Here’s the description from the invitation:

One of our biggest releases ever, Rio, introduces many new features in the IDE, making it more effective and easy to use. Rio significantly improves your ability to build Windows 10 and Android applications, provides an updated RAD Server for your micro-service architectures and, last but not least, C++ 17 for Windows 32-bit and great new enhancements to the Delphi language.

These new features along with quality improvements in all of the product areas, make 10.3 Rio a version not to miss — and this webinar will help you quickly learn about what’s new and how you can immediately improve productivity after the release.

Click here for more details and to Register



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