RAD Studio 10.3 Rio Released

Overnight Embarcadero have released RAD Studio 10.3 Rio.

We’ve been writing about some of the new features prior to release, but now there’s a short What’s New video below, and a more detailed description of the changes here on the docwiki.

Sarina has also written up a post on some of the key new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

A couple of the common questions we’ve had today:

Q. Where can I download it?

A. The fastest way to install is to use the online installer here. There is also an ISO available if you want to have a local backup.

Q. Will my Tokyo serial work?

Assuming your Update Subscription is still current, then yes, you should use the same serial number you used for 10.2 Tokyo.

Q. Have they fixed bug XYZ123?

A. There is a list of publicly reported bugs that have been addressed here.

Q. Is there a Trial Version?

A. Sure is. You can download it here.

Q. Is there a new Community Edition?

A. C++Builder 10.3 Community Edition is here. Delphi 10.3 Community Edition is here.

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