RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 1 Cliff Notes

The dust has settled on the Berlin Update 1 release, so I wanted to pull together some of the information about it in one place:

First thing to know is yes, it does require a reinstall, but you should be able to do that without having to reinstall all your 3rd Party Components (make sure during the uninstall you select the option to retain your registry settings).

With that out of the way,
 Marco has links to the ISO and GetIt Installer versions, along with the bugfix list.

While you’re downloading, Sarina recorded a nice overview video showing off the highlights:

Hold your horses

Before you get all excited and want to install it, read another post from Marco if you chose the GetIt installer option and want to retain your registry settings. Actually, worth reading anyway as the Settings Migration Tool can be useful for other things, like keeping VM’s in sync.

Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Download still going? You must be in Australia! Ok, to fill in some more time, check out the webinar on how you can get your Windows VCL and FMX apps into the Windows App Store using Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and 10.1 Berlin

While we’re on Windows 10, Eli takes us through some WIndows 10 samples including Navigation Panes, Notifications, SharingContracts and the Calendar.

Enough Windows Already!

No worries, Update 1 also brings with it support for OSX Sierra and iOS 10, and Sarina is back with another post showing us how to get started there as well.

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