Built-in, Actionable, Real-Time Reporting and Metrics

Generate detailed summary reports for projects, milestones, plans, and runs.

Compare results across multiple test runs, configurations and, milestones.

Track the workload of your entire team to adjust assignments and resources.

Receive traceability and coverage reports for requirements, tests, and defects.

Keep track of test case changes, case activity, and newly added tests.

And more: identify most failed tests or track manual vs. automated tests.

Time estimates and progress forecasts

Estimates and time tracking

Easily record estimates and elapsed test times for complete, accurate time tracking.

History-based forecasts

TestRail’s unique forecasting lets you track the testing progress based on your historical time data.

Accurate progress reports

Easily estimate, track, and forecast completion dates, remaining effort, and verified tests.

Extensive reporting section

TestRail’s dedicated reporting section makes it easy to generate comprehensive project reports, track the coverage of your tests, references, and defects, as well as many additional metrics and statistics.

All built-in report templates are highly configurable to adjust them for your needs and cover the scope you require.

Live statistics accessible to your entire team

  • Rich charts and stats accessible to all team members
  • Full test history for project auditing
  • Real-time reports for milestones, runs, and projects
  • Detailed test records for improved accountability

Schedule, forward, share, and archive

  • Schedule reports — let TestRail automatically generate reports based on configured schedules.
  • Forward metrics — easily forward metrics and testing results to your entire team.
  • Share results — share test results with customers, partners, and other stakeholders.
  • Archive your tests — download and archive results. Easily print PDF reports.

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