Mobile Testing Tools

Use the Ranorex tools to automate mobile and mobile web testing on real Android and iOS devices.

  • For testers & developers
    Code based or script-free test automation

  • Test on real devices
    Test creation and execution on real devices

  • End-to-end testing
    End-to-end application testing

  • Integrate into your system
    Easily integrated in existing CI environments

Tackle Mobile Testing Challenges

Efficiently identify defects in your mobile app with Ranorex.

User experience and flawless functionality are what matters most if your app is to have a chance for success in today’s crowded mobile app market. But mobile app testing is challenging, and there are many aspects to keep in mind: Does your mobile web app work across different browsers? How does your app render on different devices, with different screen sizes and resolutions? Even the smallest functionality issue can trigger negative online reviews and get your app deleted by the user. The Ranorex automated mobile testing tools equip you to effectively and efficiently ensure the highest quality of your mobile applications.

Keep Your App Store Ratings Up

Ensure the highest quality of your mobile app with these Ranorex Studio capabilities:

  • Simulate real user interaction
    Ensure users can navigate through the UI of your app, using the various gestures allowed by popular mobile devices on the market. Ranorex enables you to combine mobile app objects like buttons and text fields with action items like “touch” or “validate” for real user simulation. Even “swipe” and “change orientation” gestures are no problem.

  • Handle device fragmentation
    Test if the UI of your app is rendered properly, no matter if it is accessed from an Android or iOS mobile device, or tablet. As Ranorex does not rely on a coordinate level, but uses the powerful RanoreXPath to uniquely identify even dynamic user interface elements, your test scripts are robust against UI changes and can be reused across screen sizes and resolutions.

  • Check device-specific parameters
    To guarantee a flawless user experience with your apps, include device-specific information in your automated mobile application tests to check how applications interact with real mobile devices. Mock the GPS location with Ranorex, or access information, such as battery, memory or CPU state, as well as text messages and calls stored on a device.

  • Test on physical devices and emulators
    Don’t make testing mobile apps on real devices or emulators an either-or question! Test your native, web or hybrid mobile app on emulators as well as real Android and iOS devices with Ranorex. While emulators or simulators are great for debugging, physical devices provide a realistic environment, enabling testing of gestures, speed and ease-of-use!

Effortless Set-Up and Easy-to-Use Automation

With Ranorex, you’re just a few steps away from your comprehensive mobile test automation workflow:

1. No need for device modification
Unlike many other testing tools, mobile testing with Ranorex does not require you to jailbreak, unlock or root your mobile device. You can instantly start setting up, recording and executing mobile tests.

2. Set up your device for mobile testing
Easily set up your mobile device for automated testing with the instrumentation wizard in Ranorex Studio. You can instrument and deploy your iOS or Android app using a Wi-Fi or USB connection.

3. Effortless test creation
Easily create script-free mobile tests using the intuitive Ranorex Spy to track UI elements in your application. If you prefer coding, you can create flexible test automation scripts, or edit existing test automation projects entirely in C# or VB.NET.

4. Create automated end-to-end tests
Use the Ranorex test automation framework to switch from mobile to desktop and web-based automation during the recording process. This allows you to create end-to-end test scenarios combining a variety of technologies.

5. Quickly update tests and get fast feedback
Users expect frequent updates of their iOS and Android mobile apps. Now it just takes a few clicks to update your mobile UI tests, while the comprehensive XML-based report allows you to analyse test runs and identify defects early.

Why Use Ranorex Studio for Mobile App Testing

Automating your mobile app tests has never been easier. The Ranorex automation framework enables development and quality assurance teams to share testing efforts, and ensure the highest quality of their mobile apps. Due to the broad technology support and intuitive test automation tools, teams can effortlessly test their native, web, or hybrid app on real Android and iOS mobile devices as well as emulators. Using Ranorex, you will also benefit from:

  • CI and source control integration
    Ranorex directly integrates leading development tools, including issue tracking tools Jira and TFS, and source control systems like Git and SVN. Well-designed automated tests are faster, provide continuous feedback on software quality, and increase risk-coverage.

  • Instant validation and verification
    The Ranorex test automation framework, with its award-winning object recognition mechanism, makes it easy to add validation and verification steps to your mobile application testing workflow. The object recognition method allows you to check a large number of control attributes.

  • Mobile data-driven testing
    Increase testing efficiency, and make your mobile tests data-driven with the use of data connectors, such as SQL, CSV, or Excel. In combination with variables used within repositories, recording and code modules, test data can be easily connected to your existing testing workflows.

  • One test – any mobile device
    The powerful Ranorex recognition capabilities of mobile app UI elements enable you to run tests on any mobile device with any resolution and using any language. You can reuse your automated testing workflows on both tablets and smartphones, maximizing risk coverage.

  • Native and cross-browser testing
    Ranorex utilizes the open-source tool Appium to automate testing in native browsers on real devices, so you can test websites in Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. You can also reuse existing web tests, and replay them across popular browsers and O/S.

  • Parallel mobile testing
    There is a broad variety of mobile devices available, ranging from tables, to mobile phones and wearables. Ensure your mobile application works across all devices, and execute your mobile tests in parallel on different iOS and Android devices.

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