Solutions that Scale Enterprise Ops​

LANSA’s commitment to IT departments spans three decades and empowers technical teams to build solutions that meet the needs of their businesses. From custom portals to highly flexible modernization projects that can be deployed on the IBM i, windows server, or key cloud platforms like AWS and Azure – our tools give IT the power to enable developers, ops teams and cross-functional groups to get business done faster and cheaper.

Build a Custom Portal, Fast

Portalize is a powerful custom portal builder that is loaded with numerous administrative and user features out of the box. Since Portalize is powered by Visual LANSA, customizations are as easy as modifying any Visual LANSA application. You get the complete source code and total control of your portal.


Powered by Visual LANSA, Portalize is a full feature portal code start packed with most requested and necessary features out of the box. Simply plug-in a Visual LANSA application (or multiple apps) and you have a fully functional portal ready to deploy.

Custom ERP

LANSA’s ERP frameworks are a highly customizable ERP solution designed to give businesses control over their processes. Unlike other ERPs that are proprietary and prone to vendor lock-in, LANSA’s ERP source code can be easily modified for easy integrations and customisations. Keeping up with ever changing business needs has never been easier.

ERP Frameworks

LANSA’s ERP Frameworks consists of three modules (manufacturing, distribution, financial) that can each function as standalone solutions or be combined for the ultimate ERP. You get the source code and complete control over how your ERP can serve your business best.

eCommerce Done Right

Whether you need to integrate with a packaged ERP or a custom ERP, LANSA’s component based eCommerce edition is designed for straightforward seamless integration. With essential storefront and administration features, eCommerce edition has the tools needed to help your business succeed.

Commerce Edition

LANSA Commerce Edition is a component-based solution that allows you to choose specific functionality you want to deploy within your B2C or B2B website, with the ability to add additional functionality in the future.

Easy Integration

LANSA’s integration solutions simplify how data gets transported between your business processes. Exchange data, send emails, and automate processes with confidence and ease.


Integration made easy with middleware to connect applications and businesses. LANSA Integrator simplifies exchanging data between applications and transferring files and documents between businesses.


LANSA Composer is a no-code solution designed to handle the many integration and process improvement challenges businesses face today by streamlining how data is exchanged and processed.

LANSA Solutions Compatibility Chart

LANSA has solutions for a variety of deployment platforms

Solution Windows IBM i Cloud
ERP Frameworks
eCommerce Edition

Visual LANSA 15+ Is Here

Progressive web apps
Create web apps that function and feel like native apps without the hassle of going through the app store.
LANSA’s first client-side routing framework
Fewer calls to the server and more functionality when sharing links.
User defined storage
Speed up app performance and store assets and resources for times when web connectivity is low.
Service worker
LANSA will take care of creating the service worker so the developer can focus on solutions.
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