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New languages and frameworks are added continuously.

Kiuwan Supports a Wide Range of Languages

Programming Languages are the primary tools used when it comes to development. Kiuwan scans for vulnerabilities within the specific language you build, giving you custom reports on how to remediate issues early on within the SDLC. This allows programmers the ability to have healthy security development habits.

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Top 5 programming languages in 2023

Increasing the adoption of languages by organizations can empower ease of access to shared resources and expansion of open-source libraries.

But, it also comes with a considerable increase in vulnerability risks. If your organization is on the cutting edge or consistently uses new programming frameworks, adopting a security approach that mitigates threats and attack vectors is essential.

Code Security (SAST) & Code Analysis (QA)

Supported Languages

Click the icons below to access language-specific security guides.
JCL Logo - White
JSP Logo - White
NATURAL Logo - White
Objective C Logo - White
Oracle Forms Logo - White
Oracle Forms PL/SQL Logo - White

Insights (SCA)

Supported Languages

SCA - Java Logo - Pink
SCA - Javascript Logo - Pink
SCA - .NET Logo - Pink
SCA - PHP Logo - Pink
SCA - Python Logo - Pink
SCA - Ruby Logo - Pink
SCA - Scala Logo - Pink
SCA - Swift Logo - Pink
SCA - Go Logo
SCA - Kotlin Logo

Partially Supported Languages

Partially Supported Languages - APEX Logo - White
Partially Supported Languages - Groovy Logo - White
Partially Supported Languages - Perl Logo - White
Partially Supported Languages - Ruby Logo - White

Developing applications comes with a variety of different security risks and a whole lot of responsibility. The time has never been more appropriate to make built-in app security an integral part of the software development life cycle. Contact Us to discuss further.

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