Fortify applications against threats and improve the performance of your software.

Kiuwan 360

Cybersecurity risk management is critical in today’s rapidly-evolving digital landscape. With cyberattacks and data breaches on the rise, ensuring that your applications are secure, reliable, and high-performing is more important than ever. That’s why we offer a suite of add-on features that go beyond basic application security to provide comprehensive quality assurance and governance throughout the software development lifecycle.

Our QA add-on features include automated testing, code coverage analysis, and performance monitoring to help you identify and address potential issues before they impact your customers. And with our governance and lifecycle add-on features, you can ensure that your applications comply with regulatory standards and that your development processes are optimized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Code Analysis (QA)

Unparalleled scope in the detection of software quality errors. Kiuwan code analysis fits into your SDLC approach, enabling teams to scan and identify issues with code characteristics such as:

The Code Security Tool Developers Trust


The Kiuwan governance solution gives security/QA engineers data to manage their software portfolio, compare applications, and assess application evolution.

Code Analysis and Software Governance for QA

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