When your business depends on Jenkins, you can depend on the #1 Jenkins sponsor

Cloudbees Jenkins Support gives you everything you love about Open Source Jenkins, but with the commercial support and backing of Cloudbees.

Why Jenkins Support

Risk-Free Upgrades

Peace of mind that Jenkins upgrades will install smoothly, without doubts about plugin compatibility.

24×7 Technical Support

On-call support from the largest team of Jenkins-certified engineers anywhere in the world.

Rock-solid Jenkins

Deploy with confidence on a CloudBees-verified distribution of Jenkins and maintain your recommended configuration.

Your Dedicated Team of Jenkins Experts

Challenges grow as Jenkins use increases throughout your organization. Problem-solving requires more than the typical transactional approach to support other companies offer.

Work with our passionate customer success team and skilled group of developer support engineers to identify, combat and resolve your challenges strategically, not transactionally. Take advantage of programs like Continuous Delivery Acceleration, a consulting service developed to help you elevate continuous integration and continuous delivery to the next level.

  • Guided path to CD

  • Assisted onboarding

  • Proactively plan upgrades

  • Customer success management

Plugins That Work, Every Time

In the software delivery process, your development teams work with a variety of tools and systems that integrate with Jenkins. With over 1,400 plugins in the Jenkins ecosystem to choose from, how do you make the right choices and reduce unnecessary risk?

Rely on our support engineers for guidance and utilise a vetted, curated set of plugins that are thoroughly tested by our team for compatibility with Jenkins and interoperability with each other. We do the heavy lifting, while you focus on getting software to production more quickly.

  • Extensive validation program

  • Beekeeper upgrade assistant

  • Curated plugin catalog

  • Verified integrations

  • Monthly feature updates

Contact us to discuss how Jenkins Core can give you the visibility you need into your Dev pipeline.

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