Why Ext JS for Open Source?

Despite being light, flexible, and widely adopted by many developers, free and open source JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue come with limitations. As a result, most enterprise web application projects today include hybrid solutions, combining open source frameworks with commercial, professionally maintained components.

With Ext JS, you get the most comprehensive JavaScript UI component library that’s easily extendable to React, Angular, and other FOSS frameworks.

Ext JS provides over 100 pre-integrated and tested high-performance UI components, such as:

  • Grid, Pivot Grid, and Exporter for sophisticated data analytics
  • Charting and D3 adapters
  • Calendars, forms, menus, and tabs
  • Extensions to 3rd party component libraries, such as Gantt charting

Our dedicated tooling supports Ext JS components in the React framework.
It provides tight integration with React, including native controls for layout systems, theming, and more with robust Ext JS components that are easily accessible and customizable, without the need to code in Ext JS.

Ext JS can be used with Angular to build immersive user engagement via
layouts with adaptive and responsive design features, and it eliminates the need to micromanage CSS settings. The use of new Web Component trends help to better balance native instrumentation with ease of support and management.

Stronger Together

  • Most comprehensive JS component library

  • Professionally supported

  • Better backward compatibility

  • Emphasizes stability and performance

  • Lightweight and flexible to deploy and manage

  • Huge developer community

  • Many extensibility options

  • Cutting edge functionality

Download the full Product Datasheet (PDF) for more details or Contact Us to discuss further.

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