The RAD Studio IDE helps developers write code faster and smarter through modern OOP practices, coupled with robust frameworks and a feature rich IDE. Supporting agile development teams worldwide - smart developers design, refactor and build their code faster using RAD Studio.

High-Performance Compilers

Highly optimized compilers targeting all platforms ensures performance won't leave you twiddling your thumbs each time you compile! A hybrid mix of proprietary compilers on Windows and deep integration of LLVM and CLANG with parallel compilation provide industry leading compile speeds across platforms.

Modern Developer Centric IDE

RAD Studio IDE continues to pave the way for innovative Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), with the most advanced visual development toolset, an extensive array of unique features, shortcuts, and capabilities to significantly improve development productivity.

Split the panels in the IDE according to a wide range of preferences. Customize extensively and use multiple screens to enhance productivity further.

Modern OOP-centric languages

RAD Studio has many classes and interfaces providing polymorphic design at the core. As a result, RAD Studio delivers developers a choice of two languages (Delphi and enhanced C++). This provides leading language features like Generics (Delphi), Asynchronous programming, very powerful Run Time Type Information (RTTI), or as C# developers call it, reflection. This is true in C++ as well with Class Helpers, Automatic Reference Counting, and much more.

Develop with a smarter IDE!

Writing and editing code has never been faster! Code Insight™delivers auto-code-completion based on your code and used libraries, supplemented by inline documentation to give hints and tips supporting you as you write code. Enhanced macro and copy and paste features speed up repetitive tasks. Bookmarks and automatic (or custom named) collapsible regions speed up code navigation when working on large blocks of code.

Keep your design Agile

Increase your productivity in the VCL designer with the ability to rapidly modify the name, caption, alignment, layout, the color of a control, Copy the component name, quickly layout a form from a template, connect images and image lists, and bind the control to a data source or data field.

Agile Refactoring/ Managing Change

Refactoring support keeps you fast and agile by taking the stress out of those daily changes that happen as things transform. Renaming identifiers, including variables, classes or fields across your code base, is built into the RAD Studio IDE.

Write code faster with Live Templates

Live templates are reusable skeleton code statements that enable developers to rapidly code recurring structures. Use built in templates or add your own, Live Templates are an invaluable tool for fast developers.

Download the full Feature Matrix (PDF) for a more detailed comparison between editions, or Contact Us to discuss further.

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