Why C++Builder

Build Native C++ Apps for Windows 10x Faster with Less Code

Global, Scalable Applications are Built 10x Faster With C++Builder.

World-Class UI Design Tools / What you C++ is What you get

With C++Builder’s UI tools, you can prototype and implement your app’s visual design making use of native widgets and platform-extending features, giving your customers an immersive, intuitive and familiar user experience.

World-Class UI Design Tools What you C++ is What you get
Productivity is the New Currency

Productivity is the New Currency

A productive developer is a happy developer. A productive team makes happy management. C++Builder developers report they can deliver applications from concept to deployment 10x faster than with other tools - and getting to market that much faster that means direct value to your company.

If You Can Imagine It, C++Builder Can Connect It

One part of the vast set of useful libraries we provide is FireDAC: an elegant, highly performant database layer. It provides data connectivity to 17 key databases, and over a hundred other data sources from Twitter to SAP through add-ons.

If You Can Imagine It C++ Builder Can Connect It
Libraries Built for Developers

Robust Classes/Libraries Built for Developers

Our framework includes libraries built to make you more productive. For example, no C++ developer enjoys string manipulation using the STL’s std::string methods, or loading data in UTF-8 and converting to wide strings for Windows before modifying a string with the WinAPI. Let’s not even talk std::locale. We provide powerful, useful classes for strings, conversions, file IO, streaming, JSON, REST, and anything else you need.

There’s More...

Read the source, Luke

When you buy C++Builder, you get the full source code for all our libraries, whether UI, database, networking, or any other area - even our RTL, if you want to dig deep into exception handling or memory allocation.


Developers have used C++Builder for over 20 years, and find it easy to move their apps forward to modern versions. There aren’t many frameworks you can say that about - and even fewer that are actively developed and added to every release. With C++Builder, you can trust you can use your app in 2030 just as much as in 2020.

Modern tooling

C++ has no package manager - but we do. C++ has no UI bindings - but we do. Based on Clang, with key tools and extensions, we fill the gaps in the world’s most powerful language.

Download the full Feature Matrix (PDF) for a more detailed comparison between editions, or Contact Us to discuss further.

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