Microservices with RAD Server

On Monday night I did a presentation to the ADUG on building microservices with RAD Server. After an overview we spent a lot of time looking at how you can bring your existing sourcecode, especially data access code, into RAD Server and expose it out to other languages and environments via a REST API.

This session has been planned for awhile, but as it turns out, it was good timing, as Embarcadero have released some new resources to make it easier to get up to speed on RAD Server.

The first is an update to David I’s RAD Server Technical Guide. Antonio Zapater has done a great job not only updating David’s guide for the latest versions, but also extending it further with new sections for features that didn’t exist back then. He’s also added videos and a github repo for all the examples in the guide.

In addition, there is also a video case study of an event management application built on RAD Server, with desktop and mobile clients for event organisers and attendees. Antonio was involved in that one as well, so well worth a watch to give you an idea of the kinds of applications you can build with RAD Server.

If you have any questions about RAD Server, or if you want to discuss how we have helped other people modernise and extend their RAD Studio applications, please reach out for a chat.

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