January Webinars

In our part of the world, people are still slowly making their way back from Summer holidays, but on the off chance that you’re looking for something to watch beside the pool, or maybe the fish aren’t biting, we have a number of webinars scheduled over the coming weeks.

You can click on any of the titles below for more details and to register to attend. Despite what the first page says, in most cases they should be scheduled across 3 sessions to suit most time zones. If you click through to the registration page you can select which one suits best.

Hope to see some of you online.

Apex Data Solutions Healthcare Case Study

Join Bob Calco from Apex Data Solutions for this Case Study on using Delphi in Healthcare.

Delphi and the Blockchain

The missing Blockchain and Delphi session. Learn what Blockchain is, and why you should care, then see how to implement in with Delphi.

High Performance Computing with Delphi on a Linux Cluster

Linux clusters let you turn low cost desktops into high power supercomputers. Learn how to use Delphi on this high performance platform.



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