FireMonkey Linux GUI Support Now Available

If you are an existing RAD Studio or Delphi Enterprise or Architect customer there is now some very nice additional functionality you can download through GetIt.

Effective today, FMXLinux has been added to the IDE. Not just as a one off, but as an ongoing feature. Not as a feature reduced trial, but the full product!

We’ve had a license to FMXLinux since pretty much it first came out, and it’s an amazingly seamless experience. Take your Windows or Mac FMX app, change the Target Platform to Linux and run it. I took a significant Desktop FMX application, leveraging MVVM, Grids, LiveBindings, FireDAC, etc, and it just worked. It’s a very slick piece of work.

The documentation has the details on how to get it installed, so if you have Delphi Enterprise or Architect, I recommend you find some time to explore.

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