Errors in GetIt when installing RAD Studio 10.4 Patches

Starting with 10.4, Embarcadero is using the GetIt Package Manager to deliver patches. However, those of you who installed from the Offline Installer (the ISO file) might experience errors when you do this.

We’ve seen two different error messages:

Cannot load data from the server: Cannot open file

and also:

Cannot load data from the server: “RADStudio.json” metadata file does not exist.
Setup cannot continue due to a corrupted installation file.

Apologies for the image quality, these came via email from customers.

The source of the problem (and the solution) is the same.

When you install from the Offline Installer, there are some differences. For example, adding and removing Platforms can’t be done from the Tools | Manage Platforms. It instead needs to be done from the Setup.exe on your ISO.

As we can see here, there’s also a difference in installing Patches using GetIt.

The good news though, is that you don’t have to give up your ISO just to use GetIt.

The Release Notes explain how you can “switch” an install done using the ISO into an Online one.

Basically, after you’ve finished your install, run the following at the command prompt from the 10.4 bin directory:

GetItCmd.exe -c=useonline

After that, you should be able to install your patches, etc using GetIt instead.

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