Enterprise Connectors on CodeRage 2019

I mentioned on a previous This Month in RAD Studio that CodeRage 2019 is currently on, and this week I gave a session on setting up the Connection component in Enterprise Connectors.


It’s fairly short (around 15 minutes) but I go into customising the connection to:

  • look for the OAuth Token in a custom location
  • trigger the OAuth process if it doesn’t find a token
  • creating the Google API credentials and putting them into your connection
  • customising the Consent Screen so your users see your app details, not CData’s



I’ll also be on the Q&A Panel for this week tomorrow at 5am local time (what was I thinking when I agreed to that?). I’ll post a recording of that when it becomes available. The recording of the Q&A session is below. If you’re local and not so keen on getting up at that hour to ask a question (understandable, I’m also not so keen on getting up to answer them) feel free to post questions here as well and I’ll do my best to answer them.


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