CodeInsightTV – Foresiight and RAD Server

Foresiight are a longtime Delphi user in Brisbane, Australia. Over the years they’ve been very successful with a Delphi-based, client server solution aimed at the Retail space.

Liinc Architecture OverviewHowever, in the last 12 months they’ve been doing some really interesting things with RAD Server, extending their existing Delphi codebase to become a cloud-based, multi-store system, incorporating a web front-end (using Angular) as well as their existing Delphi front-end, talking REST back to RAD Server.

They’ve done all of this with their existing Delphi developers working on both the Delphi client and the RAD Server backend.

I caught up with Steve Williamson, Foresiight’s Development Manager, for a whiteboard session, where we discussed a wide-range of topics, including what the problem is they were trying to solve, what challenges they faced during the development, how his existing team adapted to building a REST-based server, how they worked with Angular contractors, and a whole bunch more. He also talks about how this has revitalised the existing codebase, and has enabled a heap of new functionality they are now building on top of this architecture.

I love this story, as it is not only about extending an existing Delphi application into the future, but also about a team of Delphi developers getting to work with some really cool technologies, like Azure, Angular, REST and mobile.

If you’re interested in learning more about RAD Server, I’ve also embedded the  RAD Server Deep Dive webinar that Embarcadero broadcast recently.

We’re seeing a lot of interest from ISV’s in embedding RAD Server inside their solution, so contact us if you’re interested in having a chat about it.

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