Code Partners at Yow 2016 Sydney

Summer in Australia is Tech Conference season. We had DevOpsDays Sydney last week, and this week it’s time for my favourite conference of the year: Yow.

Every year I attend Yow I come away feeling like I’ve had my brain stretched in several new directions and wishing that I could skip sleep for the next month to try out everything I’ve learned.

Yow have a strict policy of no sales and marketing during a session. Even to the point where Conference Sponsors don’t automatically get presentation slots (which is a rarity in the conference world). They have to propose a session like anybody else, and their proposal gets judged on it’s technical merits, just like everybody else.

As a result, the sessions and speakers have been consistently excellent. I usually have the problem of wanting to attend multiple sessions at the same time, and even when I go to one that seemingly is not related to anything I’m doing, I’ve always come away smarter.

I love this conference so much, this year I bought tickets for a bunch of the Code Partners team to attend. They think it’s a reward, but they’ll come away having learned so much that they can then apply in our customer projects, that it’s frankly a no brainer (plus, I get to hang out at my favourite conference with a bunch of my favourite smart people, so I don’t really see a downside).

If you’re going to be at Yow Sydney this year, please come and say Hi.

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