Australia/New Zealand Webinar with Nick Hodges and Malcolm Groves

I’m very happy to announce we’re co-presenting a webinar with Embarcadero in a more Aus/NZ friendly time slot.

Nick Hodges and I will be sharing the presentation duties next Wednesday morning:

Wednesday, 21st December

  • 10:00 AM Sydney/Melbourne
  • 9:00 AM Brisbane
  • 12:00 PM New Zealand

I’d like to start doing more of these webinars presented live during our day. If that’s something you’d find useful, the best way to tell us and Embarcadero that is by coming along to this one. Hope to see you there.


Webinar: Modernise or Become Extinct

Platforms continue to evolve. The landscape of technology has changed. Your legacy and maintenance apps still work today, but what will tomorrow bring? Are you skills and code ready for the future?

Join Director of Product Management Nick Hodges and Malcolm Groves from Code Partners in this webinar to learn about:

  • Windows 10 and the Windows Store
  • Mobility and platform mobilization
  • REST And  Micro-service architecture
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Internet of Things
  • Linux servers

Now is the time to Modernise your skills and your code to avoid extinction.

To get more info and Register, click here.

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