Ansible Engine 2.7 Released

RedHat Ansible Engine 2.7 has been released, bringing with it a bunch of new features including:

  • Speedups on Linux. A new strategy for invoking remote systems is introduced requiring half the threads as previously.
  • Reboot module for Linux – Like the existing win_reboot module for Windows, this allows you to reboot a remote Linux machine and then continue on executing commands once it restarts
  • New keyword ignore_unreachable for plays and blocks. Allows ignoring tasks that fail due to unreachable hosts.
  • File locking feature added, making it possible to gain exclusive access to given file through module_utils.common.file.FileLock
  • A mountain of new modules for:
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Azure
    • OpenStack
    • VMWare
    • NetApp
    • and plenty more

Potentially breaking changes:

  • The main one is that your Ansible Controller now has a minimum requirement of Python 2.7 (changed from 2.6). Obviously you can still manage remote machines which use Python 2.6, as long as you are doing it from a machine with 2.7.
  • Remove support for simplejson. This mostly shouldn’t be an issue since Python 2.4 support was dropped awhile back.


Apart from the minimum Python version above, we’ve had no issues upgrading our clients’ to 2.7.

You can read the full Release Notes here, or grab the release from the Release Repository here.

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